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Some say it's the destination that matters, not the journey. We however think getting there in style is more than half the fun! GET.com has been created so that more Americans can get more from credit card points and miles for their travel. Follow @roundtheworldfamily on Instagram.

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        How We Rate Credit Cards

        At GET.com we compare credit cards and rate them objectively based on the credit card's features, interest rates and fees.

        Cards are rated by our team based primarily on the basis of value for money to the cardholder. The GET.com team rates each card based on its annual fee, rewards, benefits, bonus, introductory APR, ongoing APR, flexibility (in how its benefits can be used and how rewards are earned and redeemed), and other card features.

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        Disclaimer: As there are different types of credit scores and issuers could use any of them, GET.com cannot ensure you will be approved for the offers based on your credit score.