The best way to save on college tuition is to attend an in-state public institution. However, many young people prefer to enroll out-of-state, for various reasons including getting away from home and the desire to attend a particular institution. Typically, out-of-state tuition can be twice as high as in-state, not counting all the extra transportation costs, accommodation costs et cetera.

A number of public colleges make an effort to keep a lid on out-of-state tuition and fees. Mississippi's Delta State University, for instance, charges the same for in- and out-of-state students, and is the cheapest university in the nation for out-of-staters. And in case you haven't heard, public colleges have been attracting out-of-state students.

Do check out the best credit cards and states for 529 college savings plans to better manage your finances no matter how much tuition may set you back. Anyhow, the average tuition and fees for the 2015-2016 public universities and colleges was $20,822, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Here are the top 10 cheapest public colleges for out-of-state students, along with annual tuition and fees.

1. Delta State University, MS ($6,112)

A semester-based rural campus with about 2,800 undergraduates, Delta State is known for its excellent teachers' college and music school.

2. Minot State University, ND ($6,390)

Founded in 1913, with a 102-acre urban campus and more than 3,100 undergraduates. It is known for its teachers' college and doctorate program in criminal justice.

3. West Texas A&M University, TX ($7,775)

West Texas A&M boasts large suburban campus of 7,100 undergraduates on a site spanning 135 acres. Programs include business, music, nursing and teacher preparation. It offers 58 undergraduate and 38 graduate degree programs.

4. Southwest Minnesota State University, MN ($8,094)

This is a relatively new rural school founded in 1963, that sits on 216 acres of space. Undergraduate enrollment numbers about 6,400 students. Southwest Minnesota follows the liberal arts tradition that favors interactions among all types of people.

5. Bemidji State University, MN ($8,152)

This university established in 1919 features a rural setting on 89 acres of space. It has a student enrollment of about 4,700 undergraduates. Here, it offers a range of professional degrees, including the ones in computer science, nursing, criminal justice, education and business.

6. Mayville State University, ND ($8,845)

Mayville State was founded in 1889 on a small, 55-acre rural campus. Undergraduate enrollment numbers about 1,050 students. The friendly environment features a campus that is completely Internet-wired. It is known for degree programs in applied science, business administration, early elementary education and applied psychology.

7. Harris-Stowe State University, MO ($9,853)

Harris-Stowe has long heritage dating back to 1857. It has an urban campus with 1,280 undergraduates. Of course, it welcomes a diverse population of students, and it is well-known for its professional education programs.

8. University of Baltimore, MD ($9,872)

University of Baltimore is an urban campus spanning across 47 acres with about 3,500 undergraduates. It is known for innovative programs in liberal arts, sciences, business and law, plus the school emphasizes civic awareness and professional advancement.

9. Northern State University, SD ($9,975)

Northern State boasts a history dating back to 1901. It has an undergraduate enrollment of 3,000 on a 72-acre urban campus. NSU offers its students programs specializing in fine arts, education, business, arts and sciences.

10. University of South Dakota, SD ($10,426)

Founded in 1862, the university has 7,500 undergraduates on a large rural campus of 276 acres. USD awards 800 freshman scholarships a year and offers a wide range of programs all college kids will be spoilt for choice.