Are you tired of sitting in front of a computer screen or behind a counter all day? You may be glad to know that there are jobs out there that let you get hands-on but still pay very well.

Whether you are hoping to change careers, or are just starting a career, you should know that within every well-known career field are niche positions that take a certain special someone with just the right knack or expertise.

While you're probably well aware of the general field, you may not realize that someone actually earns a comfortable living through a unique specialty within it.

Take a look at these 10 unusual jobs with high pay compiled by They probably won't all appeal to you, but maybe (just maybe) one of these is the right fir for your new active career.

1. Marine Engineers And Naval Architects

Naval architecture goes beyond the USS Enterprise. If you live to build castles in the water, right now, naval architectural money is on energy and natural resources.

Average salaries in oil and gas extraction are in the $125,000 range, with mining, consulting, and scientific resource development close behind.

Governments and companies continue to expand exploration of offshore natural resources, and demand for more investigative and exploitative tools, structures and platforms will remain.

2. Prosthodontists

In prosthodontics, dentistry meets artistry. Maxillofacial masters, also know as prosthodontists, diligently custom craft prosthetic teeth (implants, dentures, bridges and crowns) to help patients with complex issues due to traumatic injuries, progressive diseases and genetic facial deficits.

Certification requires 3 years of specialized training beyond dental school but pays in an average income of $170,000 a year, plus smiles.

3. Mathematicians And Actuaries

Yes, people do use mathematical formulas every day, albeit hidden behind dozens of products and services. If you love the pristine beauty of a quantifiable, numeric solution, this one's for you. While traditionally insurance industry staples, actuaries and other mathematical whizzes are increasingly in demand within corporate culture, assessing everything from corporate risk to benefits strategies or legislation.

A bachelor's degree and 4 to 8 years of certification will yield you $150,000 to $200,000 a year.

4. Underwater Welders And Professional Divers

For those more comfortable under water than on land and willing to travel distances, proficiency with scuba gear and a torch or other cutting-edge tools can yield a profitable livelihood.

Whether diving from offshore oil rigs or repairing bridge footings, much of the diving work relies on contracts and may be seasonal, but experienced hands' incomes have been known to rival an anesthesiologist's six figures.

5. Acupuncturists

Those specialists with offices full of needles relieve your body of pain and your wallet of more cash than you might realize. Acupuncturists' median salaries can range widely, approaching six figures in some cases while crossing well over that threshold in others. 

Acupuncturists typically have accreditation in acupuncture and osteopathy and must obtain licensing from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

6. Talent Agents And Head Hunters

With names whispered or taken in vain, agents and head hunters are the electrifying circuitry in entertainment and career networks, linking talent to opportunity and claiming a slick 10 percent or more of client windfalls along the way.

Many start out as wannabes in publishing, sports, music, film, theater, or other business or career disciplines but quickly realize that representing up-and-coming candidates can be far more lucrative.

Annual median salaries score around $178,000.

7. Hazardous Waste Managers

While the folks doing the actual dirty work only may make around $50,000 a year, median income for a hazardous waste manager is double that. Garbage and hazardous materials disposal has become big business as environmental concerns over water and soil contamination, air quality and climate fluctuations escalate.

A bachelor's degree in the natural sciences is usually required as well as compliance with federal, state and local legislation and controls.

8. Casino Property General Manager

Many struggling cities are looking to gambling and casinos to bolster failing economies and employment prospects. While many of these jobs offer only modest pay, casino managers can cross well into six-figure land. By the way, with the focus on hospitality and food at casinos, the restaurant directors often earn similar amounts.

9. Elevator Installers And Repairmen

Unlike many workers in the construction and building industry, individuals trained and skilled in installing, repairing and maintaining the people-lifters in those high-profile high-rises are well-paid, often making up to $85,000 a year and cracking the six-figure threshold in metropolitan areas.

Requirements include a high school diploma and apprenticeship, and as business and residential development continues to expand, elevator installation is expected to grow with it.

10. Art Directors And Creative Directors

Art directors are more than museum pieces. Corporations and even many smaller companies are paying salaries up to $80,000 for creative individuals to manage their image, message and online presence. 

Art directors are responsible for designing the graphics for advertising campaigns, websites and other visual strategies. Parley it into a creative director position, and by combining writing, design and art, you could double your salary.

Find A Niche That Pays

The key to career satisfaction is doing what you love and getting paid for it. Find your niche, exploit it to its full potential, and you may get paid surprisingly well. These are but 10 examples, and more exist. It's all in what you want to do and what will make you feel richly unique.

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