Trying to sleep on trains, planes and automobiles can be quite a chore. Even hotel rooms can lack the little comforts that make it so easy to fall into a peaceful slumber at home. The fact of the matter is that getting the proper amount of sleep while on the road is one of the biggest challenges of traveling.

Before you start declaring travel your temporary enemy, know that there are many modern products that help alleviate the common sleep issues that bug the average traveler. Are you hitting the road soon? Don't finish packing your bags without taking a look at these 10 travel-friendly products that will help you sleep better on the road. We at highly recommend that you take these along with you the next time you embark on your holiday adventures.

1. A Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is by far the most important travel item of all. It is essential to take one along if you'll be traveling in a car, bus, plane or train. A circular foam pillow will help you prevent stiff necks or pain when you sleep in the seated position.

2. A Sleep Mask

Well, it's a fact that we can't always control our environment when we're on the road. Sometimes, we may need to sleep even while light is still streaming in through the windows. Even the midnight hour can feel like the middle of the day if the hotel room you're staying in overlooks a busy area with street lamps or neon signs.

A sleep mask provides an easy way out for you to block out light. A sleep mask is also a god-send for those who need to sleep in complete darkness.

3. A Noise Machine

There are many portable noise machines on the market today that can easily fit into your luggage. A noise machine can fill your hotel room with white noise that makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

4. A Small Bottle Of Lavender Oil

What can be worse than tossing and turning in a hotel room non-stop when you're traveling for an important business meeting? Essential oils can calm our senses and send us off to a peaceful slumber in a pinch.

A tiny bottle of lavender oil can save the day (or rather, night) if you have a hard time falling asleep in hotel rooms. Dab a little on your neck and pillow to enjoy the therapeutic benefits and sweet dreams soothing lavender can bring.

5. Earplugs

Investing in a good pair of earplugs is essential if you travel frequently. Earplugs will drown out noises like crying babies, chatty adults or loud gadgets while you are travelling. This is one good travel investment anyone will appreciate for a long time to come.

6. Herbal Tea Bags

You should always pack a few high-quality herbal tea bags in your travel bag before hitting the road. Herbal tea will allow you to drift into a calm state, plus most tea come packed with a ton of antioxidants!

All you have to do is simply stick the tea bag in your bottle and pop by a travel stop that has hot water or ask a flight attendant for a cup of hot water if you're on a flight.

7. An Inflatable Travel Pillow

Nothing is worse than finding out that the pillows in your hotel room are too soft or too firm once you rest your head on it at night. It's a smarter idea to travel with an inflatable travel pillow that can be customized to your whim to reach your desired level of firmness.

8. A Portable Humidifier

Who wants to wake up in the morning and head to sightseeing destinations or important business meetings with dry sinuses? The unfortunate reality is that many hotel rooms have really dry air. The remedy is a portable humidifier that runs using a simple water bottle.

9. A Sleep Aid

There are many supplements and over-the-counter sleep aids that can help you get some rest when bumpy travel conditions, noisy surroundings or anxiety make it near impossible for you to fall asleep on your own.

10. Slippers Or Loafers

It can be hard to curl into a comfortable position in a seat if you're wearing sneakers or boots. Bringing along a comfortable pair of slippers or loafers will help you get into a cozier state of mind without committing the etiquette error of going barefoot in public.