When Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence back in 1776, I wonder if he could have imagined what a great place this country would be 239 years later.

Travel from the tip of Florida to the far corner of Washington and you will have driven over 2,802 miles of some of the most stunning landscapes, most modern cities and most fantastic freeways on the planet.

Although Americans share a number of backgrounds, there is one trait that belongs to all of us. Whatever we do, we do it big. If we are friendly, we are friendly in a big way. When we work, we give it our all. When we barbecue, there's no cookout to match. And when we put our minds to making and saving money, there is no stopping us!

In May this year, Americans' personal income increased $79.0 billion (0.5%) and disposable personal income increased $65.5 billion (also 0.5%) compared to April 2015. Collectively we tucked away $685.5 billion worth of personal savings in May and $726.9 billion in April, 2015. (Bureau Of Economic Analysis statistics).

All credit card debt in the US put together reached its lowest level since 1990 at the end of 2014 (according to Nilson Report). So we are definitely on the right track. In the US we enjoy some of the most rewarding credit card perks and most efficient money-making mechanisms to be found anywhere on the planet.

In many other countries, a credit card is just a way to pay if you prefer not to use cash, without any additional benefits or rewards.{{ENDBLOCKCC}}

All that to say, the US rocks! At GET.com we want to wish you an awesome Independence Day that matches everything that is fantastic about this land of ours!

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