While almost all airports have beefed up their security in recent years due to terrorism and a slew of other big enough reasons such as rising safety concerns, some airports have far stricter protocols than others. Below, we at GET.com highlight some of the strictest airports in the world. Have you been to any of these airports? Let us know!

1. Ben Gurion International Airport – Tel Aviv, Israel

Considered one of the safest airports in the world, Ben Gurion International Airport also has some of the strictest security controls. This airport features layers of security, only some of which are visible to the millions of passengers who make their way through the airport each year.

That investment in security has certainly paid off, as no flight leaving this airport has ever been hijacked. Furthermore, there has not been a terrorist attack at Ben Gurion since 1972. Security is handled through the Airport Security Operations Center, which is situated near the airport.

Although small in size, the Operations Center is staffed round the clock to monitor every flight operating in Israeli airspace. Before passengers, flight crew, and flights enter Israeli airspace, they are checked well in advance. Any flight without proper security clearance or that is even slightly off course is immediately flagged.

2. Srinagar Airport – Kashmir, India

If you're planning to travel through Srinagar Airport in Kashmir, India, be prepared to go through a number of security processes. One of the reasons why this airport is known for its strict security checks and measures is the fact that it is not actually an international airport but is instead a military air base. For this reason, it is managed by the Indian Army rather than the Airport Authority of India.

Plan to arrive at the airport about four hours before your flight departure to make your way through the multiple security checkpoints, which begin about one kilometer away before you even set foot at the airport. Make sure you have printed copies of your tickets and your identity card on hand at all times, as you will need to show them at the multiple points.

At the first checkpoint, your vehicle will be checked and you will be asked to show your tickets and other travel documents. Once you enter the airport, you will need to put your baggage through an X-ray machine.

From that point, passengers must make their way through metal detectors and a round of frisking. Your tickets and travel documents are again checked at the departures gate, where baggage is once again sent through an X-ray machine. When boarding for a flight is announced, passengers must endure yet another security check on the tarmac.

3. Airports In Saudi Arabia

As a general rule, airports in Saudi Arabia are considered to have some of the strictest security controls in the world. Similar to Srinagar Airport, security at airports in Saudi Arabia tends to begin before passengers even reach the airport. Furthermore, the country exercises strict control over who may (or may not) enter Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that foreigners must obtain a visa in advance of entering the country!

Women who travel to and from airports in Saudi Arabia are subject to strict rules, too. There are also extremely strict regulations regarding what can be transported into the country. Items such as pork products, alcohol, and pornography are not allowed. But of course, passenger bags will be searched for such forbidden items.