Are you a millennial? The millennial generation is made up of people born between 1980 and 2000. Obviously, any attempt to generalize a whole generation is a fool's errand, because it can easily descend into stereotypes and bigotry. However, there are certain themes that apply to large swaths of any generation, including the millennials. Here, we at share with you some general "annoying habits" that some people associate with the millennials.

1. Employment Naiveté

Many millennials who have tried working as traditional employees have found it not to their liking. For this group, the idea of having a single employer exerting heavy control over the work experience is repellant, and this has helped grow the gig economy. The popularity of contractor jobs like Uber, self-employment, small business formation and freelancing is driven heavily by millennials.

The annoying habit involved here is when these contractors expect to be treated as worthy individuals rather than plug-in components. Clients hire, replace and fire contractors at whim, and millennials should not whine about it. They made their beds, so they need to lie in them. The sooner that millennials learn that their clients are all about the money, the sooner they'll learn not to naively complain about the lack of "fairness" or "loyalty" from these clients.

2. Credit-phobia

Statistics show that millennials are much less interested in obtaining and using credit cards. Perhaps it's due to the fact that many graduate with college with crushing student loan debt. Some, on the other hand, have seen family members and friends who ran businesses went bankrupt during the Great Recession because banks suddenly cut their credit off.

The annoying aspect is that not using credit depresses the American economy in many ways. For example, it takes longer to save up to buy a kitchen appliance or other consumer goods if you insist on paying with cash. That slowdown adversely affects manufacturers and merchants.

Also, without a solid credit history, millennials may have a harder timer qualifying for mortgages, therefore slowing down the home buying processes of this bunch. In case you're interested, here are 5 reasons why millennials aren't buying homes. Additionally, credit-phobia can hurt the credit card companies and the websites that earn money by evaluating those credit cards.

3. Environmentalism

The millennials are often characterized as "tree-huggers" because many of them favor clean energy and non-GMO food. This is annoying to hard-working people employed in the oil-fracking industry. It also creates many problems for coal miners, who are increasingly facing extinction due the difficulty of perfecting "clean coal".

Oil companies are increasingly annoyed whenever another millennial installs solar panels and prefers other sources of clean energy. Large fertilizer and seed companies don't like it when millennials refuse to buy GMO food or insist on buying organic produce even though these tend to be more expensive.

All of these environmental ideas cost many companies millions of dollars each year, not to mention the thousands of shareholders who see stock prices falling and dividends being trimmed.