Your travel expenditure can accumulate quickly due to the myriad of fees charged by airlines for carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Knowing which airlines offer the best deals for checked baggage can help you to keep your cost for flying in check. Below, we at gather the best airlines that provide free checked luggage allowance. Consider traveling the world on these carriers if you often find yourself shelling out a dime too many on your checked baggages.

1. Southwest Airlines

When you travel with Southwest Airlines, you are allowed two checked pieces of baggage at a maximum of 50 pounds per piece at no cost. You can also check several sports items for free, but be aware that these items will count toward your free luggage allowance. You can also check car seats and strollers at no cost when flying on Southwest.

2. JetBlue

With JetBlue, there are three fare levels covering baggage. While there is no allowance for free checked baggage with the basic Blue fare, if you upgrade to the Blue Plus fare, you are allowed one free bag. The Blue Flex far allows you to check up to two bags for free. Golf equipment is allowed on all flights with JetBlue with no additional charge for your golf bag, provided it is within the required weight limits. Keep in mind that your golf bag will count toward one of your checked bags, however.

3. Alaska Airlines

If you're flying on Alaska Airlines, there is usually no free checked baggage allowances, with one exception. If you are flying to or from Mexico City or Guadalajara, you are allowed to check two pieces of luggage at no cost. Otherwise, expect to pay $20 each for your first two checked bags, with a weight allowance of 50 pounds per bag.

4. Delta Airlines

One of the perks you can enjoy is checking your first bag for free when you book your flight using your card. Simply include your SkyMiles number in your reservation when you are booking your flight and add your number when you check in to check your first bag for free. Bag must not be oversized or over the weight limit.

Exceptions To Baggage Fees

If you're flying on an airline that charges fees to check bags, you still may be able to avoid fees in some situations. For example, most airlines do not charge a fee to check bags for First Class and Business Class passengers.

You may also be able to have your baggage fees waived if you have an airline-affiliated credit card, such as with the case of Delta, or if you've reached elite status for the airline's frequent flyer program. When traveling with small children, you may be able to check baby equipment, such as a stroller, car seat, or play yard, at no extra cost.

Depending on the carrier, there may be no baggage fees for active military members and unaccompanied minors. Also, while some airlines will not charge baggage fees for an unaccompanied minor, they will charge an extra fee when a minor flies unaccompanied.

Be sure to always check the airline's latest baggage policy before leaving home to be sure you have updated information regarding fees and determine whether you may qualify to have your baggage fees waived, if the airline charges fees.