You might argue that chilling by the barbecue or combing some southern beach is a nice way to spend Christmas. But there's a reason why the more sunny states shower their residents with winter scenes and fake snow over the holiday season.

For me, celebrating Christmas without snow is like celebrating Thanksgiving without turkey. It just isn't the same. If you feel like this too then consider taking advantage of the incredibly low gas prices or the miles you've accumulated over the holiday season with your travel rewards credit card to head over to a location with a 91-100% historical chance of snow over Christmas Day (according to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center).

1. Upstate New York: If you're a snow-loving East Coast dweller you'll be spoiled for choice in northern New York state, with over 50 ski resorts to choose from. Enjoy exceptional variety from pro ski resorts like Whiteface Lake Placid to family friendly winter towns like Windham with it's affordable 3 day ski and ride deals.

2. Western Colorado is your best bet among the Southwestern states. Towns like Aspen, Georgetown and Durango not only offer a good chance of snow, they also provide a fascinating array of events over the holiday season. The 12 days of Aspen, held between December 20 and December 31 will feature theatrical performances, free ice skating and more.

3. Northern Wisconsin. Midwestern winter fans looking for a little fun to go with all that cold should consider heading out to the Drummond cross country ski trails located smack in the middle of Chequamegon National Forest in northwest Wisconsin. The town of Drummond is also a good bet for a decent amount of snow this Christmas.

4. Wyoming. The western part of this state has a history of snow on the 25th of December and provides advanced winter sport lovers with an unparalleled playground. Ski over 2,500 acres of challenging but in-bounds terrain at the legendary Jackson Hole Mountain Resort or blaze your own trail at dozens of micro-resorts on the west slopes of the Teton Mountain Range.

5. California Rockies. Angelenos and other coastal California residents can get their fair share of snow at winter havens like Mammoth Mountain.

6. Christmas Island, Australia. If what you really want is to get as far away from snow as possible this Christmas, and have set aside a sweet budget to do so, then this tropical island provides a bright and green getaway as far from the typical Christmas as it gets. If the 2 days and prohibitive cost of flying there don't put you off, you can enjoy unspoiled and remote beaches, tribal festivals and natural phenomena like the mass migration of the red crab.