It's time to stop looking at your credit card as just a piece of plastic you carry around in your wallet. Your credit card can help you love your lifestyle even more than you already do. The truth is, your card can connect you with some pretty serious perks if you know how to use it the right way.

Choosing your card wisely can open doors the next time you go on an exotic vacation, purchase electronics or watch a concert. Are you interested in learning what your credit card may be able to do for you? We at recommend that you note down these seemingly hidden benefits you never realized your credit card offered.

1. Warranties

Some credit card companies out there provide customers with free warranties on electronic goods. In fact, you can look forward to doubling most warranties offered by stores and manufacturers if you have the right credit card. It is definitely worth getting a card that offers double warranties if you frequently purchase expensive electronics.

2. Roadside Assistance

Your credit card might have your back when you're out there driving around on the road. Many credit card companies provide towing and roadside assistance for those times when you find yourself stranded.

This service is usually only provided with certain premium cards. The big perk about relying on roadside assistance from your credit card instead of signing up for a program like AAA is that you can avoid annual fees.

Services from credit card companies usually operate on an as-needed basis. This means that you'll be charged only if you make a call for assistance. The services will be charged to you at a membership rate that is much lower than if you called a towing company on your own. You can stand to save a good amount of money annually if you own a relatively new and reliable car that doesn't break down that frequently.

3. Concierge Service

Your credit card company might be willing to roll out the red carpet for you the next time you arrive at a hotel. Many credit cards offer assistance with booking travel plans. You could even enjoy discounted rooms and tickets to popular attractions if you book your trip using a credit card that offers fantastic travel bonuses. For starters, it doesn't hurt for you to find out more about the best travel credit cards out there.

4. Free Currency Conversion

Do you travel internationally frequently? You probably already know that there is usually a fee tacked on when you have your credit card company convert currency for you. However, some companies out there actually offer no-fee travel currency conversion services to members.

You can make your future trips a lot easier to plan if you have the right credit card on hand. Big holiday spenders should seriously shoot for credit cards without foreign transaction fees. Here, you can find out more about the best airline credit cards.

5. Exclusive Concert Tickets

If you live for concerts and live shows, you need a credit card that offers the chance to grab tickets before they officially go on sale. Many credit cards offer members special pre-sale perks for concerts and live performances.

Knowing that you will get access to tickets before the general public means you never have to worry about getting shut out from the good seats at venues again.

Arm yourself with knowledge of these secret credit card perks to help you get more for your money already.