Travelers have become pretty complacent with simply paying whatever airlines are charging for seats. It's even easier to get into the habit of booking tickets without comparison shopping if you're a member of one of the airline loyalty programs that are so popular right now. While there's no way to officially bargain for a better rate, you can follow some savvy tips to bring ticket prices down to where you need them to be. Take a look at some smart and simple ways we at are about to share with you to pay less for your next flight and snag cheap airline tickets.

1. Fly On A Tuesday

We don't always have control over when we fly if we travel for business frequently. However, those of us who are able to enjoy a little bit of flexibility regarding travel dates stand to get cheap flights and save quite a bit of money by booking Tuesday flights.

Tuesday is generally considered to be the cheapest day to fly if you're using member miles. In fact, Tuesday travelers using member miles can look forward to enjoying a price cut of as much as 26 percent compared to other days of the week on most airlines.

2. Skip The Sunday Flights

Sunday is the priciest day to take to the skies for travelers using reward tickets. Sunday flights tend to be pricey because there is a high demand for tickets from travelers trying to get home before the end of the weekend and business travelers looking to wake up in their destinations by Monday morning.

3. Don't Be Loyal

You may be locked into the habit of simply booking flights using your favorite carrier if you're a member of an airline frequent flyer program. This strategy can be great when you have a bunch of points to trade for free miles. However, you aren't always going to get the best deal by sticking with your favorite carrier.

It may be wise to actually browse tickets that are available from budget carriers for certain trips. You can then compare the price of a ticket from a budget airline to what you'd pay if you used miles from your normal carrier.

You might find that saving your points for another trip actually pays off in the end. The fact that a carrier like JetBlue offers flights below $100 to many destinations means you don't have to waste valuable points to get to a city that's not that far away.

4. Divide Your Fare

It's always worth checking out the combined cost of one-way rates before you book a round-trip ticket. One-way tickets from Frontier that go for as low as $35 could definitely make you want to reconsider booking round-trip airfare.

You may have already thought of using this strategy for your next trip. However, there is one more step that most travelers overlook. It's wise to search for one-way tickets from different airlines as you plan your journey, too. You may find that the best deals out there could involve booking seats with two separate airlines for your arrival and departure flights.

5. Check Alternative Airports

Every city has a major airport that travelers assume is the only option. However, most major cities actually have at least one additional airport that's within an hour of a main airport. It may be worth your while to look for tickets for flights going to smaller airports. You could save a few hundred dollars if you're willing to drive an hour to get to your hotel once you land. It might even be fun to check out the scenery near your destination during the drive if you're visiting a new place.