Do you often find yourself staring with envy at other seats on the airplane when you fly? Nothing sours a travel experience quite like a bad seat. Whether you travel for pleasure or business, being savvy about scoring a better seat can make all your travel experiences a whole lot more enjoyable. There are actually some easy things you can do to get a better seat before you hop on your next adventure.

Take a look at these seven ways we at have rounded up for you to get a better seat on your next flight.

1. Book Your Flight Early

Do you have strong preferences when it comes to where you'll be seated on an airplane? Booking your seat as far in advance as possible will give you more control over where you sit. Most airlines allow you to choose the seat you want when you book your flight.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For An Upgrade

You can't get what you don't ask for. Many people are surprised to discover that it's perfectly acceptable to simply ask to be upgraded if there are available seats. Be sure to be polite when approaching a gate agent or flight attendant for the best chance of being considered in the event that upgraded seats become available. You should keep in mind that upgrades are only likely to happen if a flight is not overbooked.

3. Dress The Part

Airlines are in the business of pleasing their first-class and business-class customers. First-class customers can sometimes feel resentful when they see people from economy-class brought in to fill the very expensive empty seats around them.

Flight attendants will try to avoid this situation by only offering upgraded seats to people who are dressed up. The truth is that you are far less likely to be picked to move into a first-class seat if you're dressed in clothing that resembles pajamas.

4. Have A Frequent-Flier Membership

There are some great perks to be enjoyed when you sign up for a frequent-flier program. Having membership in an airline's loyalty program makes it far more likely that you will be offered a seat upgrade. Of course, it is necessary to stick with the same airline whenever you fly if you want the perks to really add up. Larger carriers tend to offer the most generous perks, too.

5. Pay For An Upgrade

You can get into a first class seat for an amazing price if you're willing to pay a little bit extra when you show up for your flight. Many airlines offer the unfilled seats in business class and first class at rock-bottom prices to people who show up with economy-class tickets. It is much cheaper to pay a small amount for an upgrade than it is to book a better seat from the start.

6. Ask A Travel Agent

While many people think the practice of using a travel agent is outdated, it can definitely offer some perks. Many travel agents have good relationships with the airlines they frequently book tickets with. Your travel agent may be able to add a note to your reservation regarding your desire to receive an upgraded seat if it becomes available.

7. Share Your Gripe

Have you ever had a bad experience while using an airline? Most airlines work hard to make up for inconveniences or mistakes that have happened to their customers. Contacting an airline's customer service department following a bad experience could help you score some great seats the next time you travel.