Delta customers have a new reason to look forward to future flights. The airline celebrated the opening of its Delta Sky Club at Atlanta Concourse B - the second-largest Delta Sky Club in the world- at the end of September. Delta's decision to revamp its lounges is part of a growing trend among airlines that are looking to boost customer loyalty. You can forget about the days of stale peanuts and cheesy elevator music greeting you at every airport lounge. Basically, airlines are going above and beyond to give their customers luxurious and unique experiences whenever they stop in to relax between flights.

Will the updates at the Delta lounges be enough to entice you to fly around the world with them? Delta has some pretty serious competition when it comes to inviting lounges. Take a look at the airlines with the best lounges we at GET.comhave narrowed down for you.

1. Delta

Delta has spent the past two years making big investments in its Delta Sky Clubs. The company has pulled out all the stops when it comes to creating inviting environments that make customers forget the fact that they're stuck at the airport.

Guests can look forward to friendly staff members, modern décor and premium drinks. You can get your hands on everything from craft beer to Starbucks coffee when you settle in at a comfortable Delta lounge. You'll also get your pick of delicious soups, salads, breads, muffins, pasta dishes and other artisan treats.

2. Alaska Airlines

When you visit an Alaska Airlines Board Room, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the airport in favor of a serene space. The famous pancakes offered at breakfast are enough to push Alaska Airlines lounges near the top of the list. Guests are also offered a variety of soups, salads and snacks throughout the day.

All Alaska lounges also feature complimentary juice, soda and Starbucks coffee. Of course, you'll have no trouble settling in with a cocktail, beer or glass of wine here. Alaska Airlines has also designed its lounges to help travelers stay productive and get their work done while they're on the road. You can take advantage of the Wi-Fi, quiet workstations and conference rooms whenever you stop in.

3. Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses around the world are impressive. The airline's elite lounges offer everything you need to be pampered and entertained during downtime between flights. This is the airline to choose if you love the feeling of getting to go behind the velvet rope. The bars in Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses are staffed with mixologists who will whip up any cocktail you can dream of when you take a seat.

Virgin Atlantic has spared no expense crafting scrumptious menus for guests to enjoy when they need to refuel during their journeys. Certain lounges in big cities like New York and London even feature spas. The verdict on Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses is that they are undeniably the trendiest lounges in the industry.

4. American Airlines

You're likely to feel the weight of your travel experience melt from your shoulders the second you step inside an American Airlines Admirals Club. American Airlines offers lounges that are perfect for you if you prefer a casual, no-nonsense experience when unwinding between flights.

These lounges lack the frills that many other airlines put so much time and detail into offering. What you'll find is a great place to enjoy some light snacks and drinks. You can also take advantage of Wi-Fi and power ports if you need to get some work done. Select locations even offer full workstations that include computers, printers and copiers.

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