With the number of airlines charging for checked baggage increasing, traveling by air has become more and more expensive for travelers. In fact, each year, travelers spend millions of dollars on baggage fees. To help you save money on baggage fees, we at GET.com will tell you which 8 airlines come with free check-in baggage allowance.

1. Southwest Airlines

Southwest allows passengers to check two pieces of luggage with a maximum of 50 pounds per bag. Any additional bags incur a cost of $75 per item, each way. Oversized luggage will bring in an excess baggage fee of $75. Southwest also allows several different types of sports items to be checked for free, but those items do count toward the free luggage allowance. Car seats and strollers can also be checked for free.

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2. JetBlue

Baggage fees with JetBlue are covered under three fare levels. Under the Blue Plus plan, passengers can check one bag for free. The Blue Flex plan allows passengers to check up to two bags for free. With the Blue plan, passengers pay $20 for the first bag if it is checked online or $25 if it is checked at the airport.

Additionally, JetBlue allows golf equipment to be checked in on all flights with no additional charges for the bags as long as they are within the airline's weight restrictions. Passengers should be aware that golf bags count toward one of the checked bags.

3. Virgin America

With Virgin America, certain types of sports items may be checked for free, but this is based on the weight and size of the equipment.

4. Air France

The French airline allows passengers to check one item free for international flights between the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

5. All Nippon Airways

Passengers can check two pieces of baggage on most international flights free of charge, with some limitations. Each piece of baggage must weigh less than 50 pounds, though.

6. Southern Airlines

Travel with this airline and you can take advantage of free baggage allowance up to 40kg for first class. That number decreases to 30 kg for Business class and goes down to 20 kg for Economy class.

For flights between China and Europe, travelers flying economy are allowed one free piece of baggage, while Premium Economy class allows two pieces of free baggage. Those flying Business class receives three free pieces of baggage. Each bag must weigh less than 50 pounds as usual.

7. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines allows passengers to bring two free checked bags when traveling Economy class. Those traveling in First class and Executive class are allowed three check bags free of charge. Each bag must weigh less than 70 pounds.

8. Lufthansa

Passengers are allowed one free checked bag along with one pair of skis, based on route and class of travel.

Tips To Save More Money

If you're looking to save on baggage fees, you might also consider joining a frequent flyer program. This type of program is offered by most major airlines and includes some kind of loyalty perks such as those that provide waivers or baggage fee discounts for preferred members.

Also, be sure to find out more about the best credit cards that let you transfer points to frequent flyer programs. Over time, you'll realize how much you could have saved if you played your cards right from the beginning.