Mileage Plan, the frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines, is running a new promotion starting September 1, 2017. Between September 1 and February 28, 2018, you will earn double the miles on all Alaska Airlines flights. However, to enjoy this perk, you must first register for this promotion prior to booking your flights.

Alaska Airlines is allowing people to register for this promotion as late as January 31, 2018. However, if you fly Alaska Airlines at all, regardless of how long or short the trip is, you should register immediately to get the most benefits from the promotion.

The Mileage Plan program is already one of the most popular programs with flyers. This is because you receive actual mile credits for miles flown, not miles based on the price you paid for the fare. You will also find that the redemption value of the points are much higher than other programs, and many participants fly for free more often on Alaska Airlines than any other airline.

There are over 50 routes that qualify for this bonus program. Keep in mind that this only applies to Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, SkyWest or Horizon Air flights. These are all owned and operated by Alaska Airlines. Flights managed by American Airlines, even if they have Alaska Airlines flight numbers, are not eligible for the double points program.

Flyers are encouraged to take advantage of other programs offered by Alaska Airlines during this promotion period. Use their price matching service in addition to the double miles offer, and you might just can earn nearly as much in miles as you paid for your flights.