American Express and business often appear on the same page, and there is a good reason for that. Amex has a solid offering of charge cards and credit cards for small business. These cards let you take advantage of the well established customer programs provided by American Express, including the Membership Rewards® program, Global Dining Program, and American Express Global Business Travel.

American Express business credit cards come with a long list of useful benefits that can benefit your business. The exact benefits you receive will depend on which American Express business payment card you use. Here are some of the main perks that come with most business cards from Amex:

  1. Return Protection

    If you have difficulty returning a business purchase because the merchant won't take it back, you can take advantage of the return protection offered by American Express to return your (eligible) purchases within 90 days from the time of purchase.

    You can get reimbursed with the full price of the item, up to $300 per item and up to a maximum of $1,000 per Card Member account per calendar year. Make sure items are in a "like new" condition. Motorized vehicles, perishable items, computer software, jewelry and certain other purchases aren't covered by this return protection, but it does cover most items you might purchase in the course of your business.

  2. Year-End Summaries

    Every year you receive a comprehensive Year-End Summary that includes every purchase you have made using your card. This can save you a lot of time on accounting.

  3. ReceiptMatchSM

    The ReceiptMatchSM mobile app is made for Business Cards from American Express and it lets you capture receipts by camera and match them to relevant transactions on your business card.

    For example, when you make a payment at a supplier using your card, you can then take a photo of the receipt and match it to that payment. You can add a QuickBooks® category to that transaction for easy accounting. As long as you are an American Express business card holder, you can enjoy this business benefit.

  4. Sync With QuickBooks®

    This service is made to use with ReceiptMatchSM. If you use QuickBooks®, you can log in to your Amex online account for your Business Card(s) from American Express and enroll in this service using your QuickBooks® username and password.

    You can also import your own QuickBooks® categories for instant labeling of transactions right from your American Express online statement or the ReceiptMatchSM Mobile App. This service is available to American Express business card holders.

  5. Flexible Spending Limits

    Business cards from American Express have no pre-set spending limit. That doesn't mean you have unlimited spending power, but your purchasing power will adjust with your use of the card. The spending limits you can get will depend on your payment history, credit records and financial resources among other factors. This means that as long as you make responsible credit decisions, your access to capital could grow as your business develops.