The skies are definitely a lot friendlier when you know you've paid less for a great seat. The Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flyer program is designed to bring you smiles on every flight. SkyMiles members enjoy some great perks that put them at the front of the line when it comes to everything from baggage limits to security checks. The Delta SkyMiles program is great when you compare it to many of the loyalty programs offered by competitors for a variety of reasons.

Customers enjoy the simple, no-nonsense way miles are awarded through this program. If you travel often, it's definitely worth your time to consider enrolling in the program and becoming a loyal customer of Delta. The great thing about this program is that it offers different levels of rewards for different types of travelers. And in case you haven't heard, Delta has even extended complimentary seat upgrades to First Class on award travel to its Silver members! There are even some additional perks that can make the process of arriving for your flight easier and faster.

The bottom line is that this program offers easy ways for travelers to enjoy comfort, convenience, entertainment and savings without jumping through too many hoops when booking tickets with Delta. Are you looking to upgrade your travel experience every time you arrive at the airport?

Here, we at will show you the best 7 benefits of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flyer program.

1. Simplicity

If you've been a member of a flight rewards program in the past, you already know how quickly things can become complicated. Many airlines have mazes of rules and stipulations attached to their rewards programs. As a result, it's easy for customers to miss out on claiming perks which are rightfully theirs.

The long and short of it is that you'll receive five miles for every dollar you spend on flights using the Delta SkyMiles program. There's no fancy math or complicated equations that will leave you perplexed as you try to calculate how many bonus miles you have to your name.

2. Your Miles Never Expire

It can be extremely stressful to feel like you always need to race against the clock to use all of your award miles before they expire. Who wants to feel forced to plan a trip they really don't have the time or budget for just because their free miles are about to disappear? You can finally take a deep breath and heave a sigh of relief with Delta's frequent flyer program. The award miles given through Delta SkyMiles never expire.

3. No Blackout Dates

Blackout dates are looked upon with scorn by people who accumulate award miles with popular airlines. Nothing is more frustrating than learning that all the miles you've earned by being a loyal customer won't help you get to the destination you really want to get to, when you need them to. The good news about the Delta SkyMiles program is that you never have to worry about not being able to use your reward miles during holidays or peak travel times. The program offers miles without blackout dates for travel.

4. Flexibility

The Delta SkyMiles program gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you want to redeem your award miles. You always have the freedom to pay for a flight using a combination of dollars and miles if you prefer to save your miles. The program's flexibility makes it easy for customers to balance business travel and personal travel. The lack of pressure regarding how and when to use your miles will give you opportunities to maximize the benefits that are awarded to you.

5. Comparison Shopping

The booking portal for Delta SkyMiles customers may alone be worth the effort of joining the program. Users enjoy access to a personal awards calendar that helps them search for and suss out the lowest prices possible for the travel dates they've selected. There is also a feature that allows users to compare flight prices in terms of mileage versus money.

6. Additional Perks

Delta SkyMiles members don't just enjoy perks regarding miles earning. There are also some great features of the program that are designed to help you enjoy a more pleasant travel experience from start to finish. You may even take advantage of upgrades to first class when you're a SkyMiles member.

The first big benefit is that you can redeem your miles to be put toward a Delta Sky Club membership. This is a great option if you feel like the time you spend waiting around at the airport between flights is wasted time. Delta Sky Club lounges offer food, drinks and quiet areas for getting work done. It is also one of the airlines with the best guest lounges in our opinion.

Delta wasn't content to just give customers great flight experiences. The company has gone beyond what every other airlines are doing by enhancing the experience of customers even after they've landed at their destinations.

SkyMiles Experience is a program that accompanies Delta SkyMiles membership. How does it work? The program gives members chances to bid on experiential purchases like front-row seats at popular shows, invitations to celebrity events and stays at luxurious resorts. Delta customers truly get to enjoy unprecedented access to prestigious places and events.

7. Medallion Status

Medallion status is what all SkyMiles members strive for. The good news is that you can reach it pretty easily if you travel often enough. Enrollment in the Medallion league is automatic once you qualify by clocking enough miles. However, this leg of the airline's rewards program is a bit more complicated than standard membership. You'll enjoy benefits on a tiered basis that depends on how frequently and how far you fly each year.

You'll find that doing a bit of work to maximize your award potential will be more than worth it once you're enjoying an elite travel experience that few ever get to taste. Medallion status entitles you to a variety of perks, including unlimited first-class upgrades, preferred seats, waived baggage fees, Delta Sky Club membership, priority boarding and waived standby fees and more.

You'll even get to save time by enjoying priority access in security lines. There are also many crossover rewards that will help you enjoy upgrades when you stay at hotels or use rental vehicles.