United's MileagePlus program has a lot to offer to people who fly frequently. In fact, the program has been consistently voted the Best Frequent Flyer Program by Global Traveler magazine. The perks offered by this esteemed loyalty program can help customers save money and cut down on travel hassles altogether. Of course, the best feature of membership is the way it makes travelers feel like they have V.I.P. status as they get to enjoy luxurious perks and top-tier treatment.

The United Airlines MileagePlus Program stands out among all other loyalty programs offered by major airlines because it provides so much versatility. It is easy to feel like you've opened a treasure box full of perks once you browse the full range of rewards offered to members of the program. Free miles and upgraded seats are truly only the beginning when it comes to how far United will go to please its loyal customers.

Here, we at GET.com will share with you the best 5 benefits of United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flyer program.

1. So Many Ways To Earn

United Airlines offers a robust array of options for one to earn rewards. Unlike most airlines, United doesn't restrict your earning potential solely to airfare. You can earn reward points when you book hotels, rent vehicles, use rail services or go on cruises.

United even allows you to earn reward points when you book flights with partner airlines. You might think that this flexibility would be enough to entice anyone to join. However, United takes things a step further by actually letting members earn points doing everyday things that have nothing to do with travel.

The airline has partnered with a number of businesses in various industries to offer points when you make credit card purchases, dine at restaurants, shop for clothes and pay for household utilities. This is the first loyalty program in the industry that truly allows customers to earn free flights while going about their normal routine and lifestyles.

2. Two Types of Awards

United has really put a lot of thought into how and why the average member prefers to use their rewards. The airline has actually introduced two award classes into its loyalty program.

Saver Awards can be utilized to get anywhere United and its partners fly to. These flights are a great bargain. However, they do require a bit of flexibility on the part of a traveler because awards are given on a capacity-controlled basis. This means that these seats are not always available on every flight. It can be especially difficult to book a Saver Award during peak travel periods.

The good news is that members can always opt to use Standard Awards to get to their desired destinations. MileagePlus Premier members and eligible United MileagePlus Chase card members get to enjoy the privilege of booking Standard Awards minus capacity controls on flights operated by both United Express and United. This just means that members have unrestricted access to a Standard Award seat even if it is the last seat on the plane. This is one of those perks that truly remind members why it pays to have the red carpet rolled out by an airline for them.

3. Using Miles Is Easier Than Ever

Jumping through hoops just to be able to use the miles you've earned can really make the delight of getting free miles turn sour. Fret not, United makes it easy for you to use your reward miles once you've earned them. You even get to decide how basic or advanced you want to get when applying your reward miles to your travel experience.

Of course, most members are interested in taking advantage of air miles first. United has done a great job at ensuring that members aren't stuck with a one-size-fits-all system for how and when they can apply their rewards.

Members enjoy flexibility as they get to choose the award type and class of service they want to use. It is important to note that all United awards are given on a one-way basis. This means that you can easily plan to maximize the potential of your reward miles by booking a different class of service for each direction. For instance, a trip can be planned using a Saver Reward for one half of the journey and a Standard Award for the other.

4. Simple Upgrades

Everyone who flies frequently knows how much better a journey is when it's spent in a comfortable cabin. The MileagePlus program gives members opportunities to enjoy a taste of luxury in the sky whenever they feel like upgrading their seats.

The program allows members to request upgrades to United Global First®, United First®, United BusinessFirst® or United Business® on most paid tickets on flights operated by United.

A premium cabin on a United flight offers so much more than a little extra comfort. In addition to famously comfortable seats, passengers in these cabins enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages, a free standard checked bag allowance, priority check-in status, preferred boarding as well as priority baggage handling.

5. The Little Perks That Make A Big Difference

United's MileagePlus program is peppered with many small perks that can make the common hassles of travel evaporate into thin air. Participants can actually apply their miles toward United Club membership.

Having the ability to relax and recharge at one of the airline's comfortable and prestigious lounges can be a priceless experience when you're worn out from a long flight or stressful business trip. Miles can also do so much more, too. Members can apply reward miles to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi. This is an essential perk for anyone who routinely travels for business.

Of course, having the privilege to apply for and enjoy quicker security screenings using the TSA pre-check program might just be the best secondary perk of the program. Taking advantage of this perk can really cut down on the lost time and logistical headaches that many people have to deal with each time they show up at the airport.