The most wonderful shopping time of the year is around the corner and brings with it the promise of another crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal hunt. In the rush of Black Friday, it's easy to forget about things like warranty coverage, return policies and keeping track of receipts. That's where using the right credit card can help, because good credit cards protect your money by offering perks like extended warranties, guaranteed returns and insurance coverage. All you have to do is use the right card to pay.

We at will show you the best credit card perks for Black Friday this year!

Cash Back

What it does: Cash back is credit card companies' way of rewarding you for using their credit card. When you use your credit card to buy something, you get back part of the money you spend as a statement credit, check or a deposit into your checking or savings account. Some credit cards reward you with high cash back when you shop at certain retailers, while some give you lower cash back on all your purchases.

Which card to use:

Free Shipping

What it does: This perk is pretty self-explanatory. When you buy something using certain credit cards, the stuff you buy can be shipped for free. You may have to spend a minimum amount or shop at certain retailers to be eligible, but free shipping is a definite Black Friday money-saver!

Which card to use: American Express offers free ShopRunner membership to cardmembers. That means you can get complimentary shipping (typically 2 business days) when you shop at ShopRunner partners (over 120+ retailers) like Toys R Us, Newegg, Nine West, MacMall, Bon Ton stores, Chefs and many more. All you need to do to enjoy this perk is pay using your eligible American Express card.

Price Protection

What it does: Price protection helps you get the best price on everything you buy. It works like this: When you pay for an item using a card that comes with price protection, and then find the identical item being advertised at a cheaper price within a certain amount of time (usually 1 month after your purchase), you can claim a refund for the difference from the credit card company. This is one of the most useful credit card perks for shoppers!

Which card to use:

Bonus Offers

What it does: Many banks offer a large chunk of cash back or other rewards when you first get their credit card. You will usually have to spend a certain amount using the card within the first several months to get the bonus. Some cards let you receive this bonus just by using your new card to make a purchase or by adding an authorized user in the first couple of months. Since most of us spend quite a bit over the holiday season, getting most of these bonus offers is pretty easy.

Which card to use: The best offer for you depends on how much you plan to spend in the first months or even your first year as a cardholder. These are our top picks:

Purchase Protection

What it does: When you pay for your shopping using a card that offers purchase protection, and the things you buy get accidentally damaged or stolen, you can get refunded up to a certain amount. There are some things that purchase protection usually doesn't cover, like antiques, plants, animals, gold bullion, etc. But most stuff you buy is covered which means you don't have to buy additional insurance.

Which card to use: These cards give you purchase protection when you use them to pay for purchases.

Return Protection

What it does: This perk can be a lifesaver if you end up buying the wrong thing and want to return it. Although many retailers have return policies, there will probably be times when a merchant refuses to accept a return on something you purchase. In some cases, the return protection offered by your credit card may be valid for a lot longer than the (often short) return grace periods you get from stores.

Which card to use: Here is our choice of card that offers good return protection.

Extended Warranty

What it does: When you buy something, many stores give you the option to pay extra for a longer guarantee. But if you use a credit card that includes extended warranty as a benefit, you automatically enjoy a longer guarantee on stuff you pay for using your card. This perk comes with many credit cards, but usually has a long list of exclusions.

Which card to use: Visa includes a warranty manager service with Visa Signature® cards that includes extended warranty protection.