Transport expenses are some of the expenses we least like to see in our budgeting list. But, there's a little-known way you can save on train and bus expenses - and that's by using certain credit cards.

When it comes to travel savings with the help of credit cards, most assume airplane tickets and travel packages are the only things they can save on when they redeem their miles or rewards points. The good news is, major credit card issuers in the U.S. are kinder and more generous than you think they are.

Your credit card rewards are likely not limited to redemptions for plane tickets and hotels when you are redeeming them toward travel, although this very much depends on your card issuer and how it defines what actually qualifies as travel. To be sure, always read the fine print to see what actually qualifies as 'travel' since this can vary across card issuers.

For most major credit card issuers, passenger trains, buses, taxis, limousines and even ferries count as travel. This means you can make use of the right travel credit cards to earn accelerated rewards and generous sign-up bonuses, and then redeem your travel rewards toward your train and bus spending (or any other travel-related spending, really) since they fall legitimately under the travel umbrella.

What's more, some of the most generous cash back credit cards on the market also offer solid sign-up bonuses when you meet the stated spend requirement within a stipulated time frame from the date of account approval. You can redeem your cash back bonus or cash rewards bonus toward travel, and that includes train and bus travel. In addition to using the right credit card, you can also consider joining a train or bus loyalty program to snag extra rewards if you frequently travel via either mode of transport.

To help stretch your dollar, we at have rounded up the best credit cards for train and bus savings for this month.

Best Credit Cards For Train and Bus Savings