As a small business owner, you make a considerable contribution not just to the economy, but also towards raising the quality of life for millions of Americans. The 28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all US sales and have been the leading providers of new jobs (66% of all net new jobs) since the 1970s (Small Business Administration statistics).

But running a business is a big responsibility, especially if you have other people working for you. Like most business owners, you are probably on the lookout for ways to cut unnecessary expenses and find more money to invest in growing your business. Mobile devices have opened a treasure trove of potential time and money savers, and given owners a competitive advantage in the market (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll).

Here at, we list 3 ways that mobile apps can help your business save money:

  1. Lose The Accounting Service

    As a business owner you probably don't have time to sort through hundreds of receipts and enter them into your accounting software. In the past that meant that you needed to pay for the services of an accounting firm or hire a bookkeeper. But apps have made keeping tabs on expenses a whole lot easier.

    If you use a Chase Ink business credit card you can get the Ink® app for free. You and your employees can use the Ink® mobile app to snap, tag and file receipts instantly on your phones. You can tag purchases using categories that you can customize, so you can easily organize your expense reports. If a purchase falls under several categories, you have the flexibility to use several tags. Since the app automatically syncs with your account, you can access reports online at any time.

  2. Take The Wheel On Employee Spending

    You might have excellent employees, but putting effective safeguards in place to prevent overspending is always a wise business move. Many credit cards let you set limits on employee spending. Of course, unexpected situations do come up. Your barista could walk into a jackpot Kopi Luwak deal while holidaying in Asia, or a truck could break down leaving an employee stranded and in need of accommodation. Flexibility in setting spending limits can help you avoid missed opportunities and expensive mistakes.

    That is where an app can save you time and hassles. Instead of wasting an hour on the phone with some outsourced customer service agent that doesn't speak your language, you can now make changes to employee spending limits using an app. The Chase Ink® app, for example, lets you choose the spending limit of each employee card, and you can change that limit whenever you choose to, right from your phone. You also receive instant alerts whenever a purchase is made using an employee credit card, so you have a complete oversight of employee spending.

  3. Don't Bother With Expensive Payment Card Equipment

    Even if cash payments make up most of your business revenues, there will probably be times when you will risk losing business if you cannot accept payment cards. But thankfully, the days of going out and blowing thousands of dollars on high-end card terminals have passed us by. Today apps and simple card readers that plug straight into your phone have made it easy to accept card payments anywhere.

    Capital One offers the Spark Pay app that lets your business accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards using its free mobile card reader and an Android device or an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This service has no monthly fee, but you pay a fee equal to 2.70% of each sale that you make using this app (1.95% if you have the Pro plan which has a $9.95 monthly fee). Chase Paymentech customers can use the Chase Mobile Checkout app on their Apple® or Android™ devices and the free card reader to accept payments on the go. Qualified transaction rates are 2.75% per transaction, and you must spend a monthly minimum of $25 in transaction fees or you will be debited for the difference.

Earning cash back by using credit cards to make payments is another good way to save money on business expenses.

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