If you find it difficult to keep track of payments and occasionally find yourself spending money on interest payments that could have been avoided, then the Blueprint suite of personalized plans from Chase might be just what you need.

If you want to pay off a balance, avoid paying unnecessary interest or pay off a large purchase over time at minimal expense. All Blueprint features come with certain Chase credit cards at no extra cost. Here I'll break down the basic features of Blueprint to help you decide if this is the solution for you.

Split. If you're going to make a big ticket purchase and pay it off over time, this tool can make it easier by breaking the full charge into payments spanning the number of billing cycles you specify. It also helps you understand exactly how much interest you will pay on the loan depending on the amount of time you choose to repay it.

Full Pay is a free Blueprint service that helps you avoid paying interest on purchases that you make regularly, such as gas or groceries. You can choose categories to add when you set up Full Pay, and total purchases made in those categories will be added separately to your monthly statement to make it easy for you to pay at least those purchases in full by the due date.

Track It. Personally I enjoy this feature, as I like setting goals for myself. Track It lets you set specific goals for your spending. For example, you may want to keep your restaurant spending to $150 a month to stay in line with your budget. If you spend more or less than your stated goal, this will show clearly on your statement. But the most useful feature of Track It is the ability to get a quick and clear overview of spending in the categories you choose to monitor.

Finish It. This set of balance repayment plans lets you choose how much you want to repay each billing cycle, and how quickly you would like to pay off your balance. For example, if you have a $2,000 balance and you choose to pay it off over 12 months, your monthly Finish It payment will be $181.74. This will be added to your monthly bill. The Finish It calculator makes it easy for you to find the cheapest way to repay your balance. If you do carry a balance then I highly recommend you get a Chase credit card that offers a low introductory APR for balance transfers.