If you routinely travel to India for business or pleasure using Delta Airlines, you might want to brace yourself for some price increases. Delta SkyMiles members are going to see a slight hike in rates to get to great cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta from now on. The price increase will apply specifically to travelers who use Delta's business-class award tickets to go between India and the United States. The changes officially took place on Oct. 25 of this year.

It is important to note that the increase will also affect tickets that are booked using partner flights on Korean Air and Air France. There are some things you need to know about the changes if you were planning to use award miles to pay for a trip between India and the United States.

How Much More Can You Expect to Pay?

The previous SkyMiles price for travel between United States and India was 70,000 award miles each way. It will now cost travelers 97,500 miles for the same trip. Delta is no stranger to change when it comes to perks and policies.

The increase in award miles necessary to claim a seat may not be the only change travelers should be on the lookout for. Some flights to and from India may now also come with surcharges of $450.

The airline has been making significant renovations and improvements to its popular loyalty program in recent months, such as rolling out new rewards for Delta SkyMiles members. However, sometimes changes that end up costing members more miles do occasionally happen.

It is likely that increasing the amount of award miles it will charge for flights between the United States and India was the only way Delta could continue offering award tickets on those flights without losing a significant amount of money.

Is There Anything You Can Do About The Price Increase?

You might be wondering if there is any sort of card you can play as a member of the Delta SkyMiles program to force the airline's hand in giving you a special deal. The fact of the matter is that Delta is completely within its rights to increase the price of award tickets at any time without any warning to customers.

It is unlikely that complaints from SkyMiles members will force the airline to reverse its new policy. However, you aren't completely without options if you've been holding on to some bonus miles with the hopes of using them on a trip between India and the United States. There are still a few things you can do to stay above the rate increase.

The second option available to you requires openness to the idea of flying in economy class. It turns out that Delta isn't making any changes to its policy regarding economy seats on flights between the United States and India. The price of 40,000 SkyMiles for a one-way ticket has remained steady.