The route to Oceania is a lot brighter thanks to a new announcement from American Airlines regarding flights to Australia and New Zealand. The airline is giving travelers a chance to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles when they fly between the United States and Australia or New Zealand. This makes it so much easier to fly to great cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and Christchurch. Now, this offer is something that you really need to pay attention to if you're planning to travel to Australia or New Zealand in 2017.

How difficult is it to qualify for the free 50,000 miles that are up for grabs? American Airlines has made it pleasantly simple for travelers to earn miles by booking flights in all cabins. Here, we at break things down for you.

How To Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles With American Airlines

Qualifying for 50,000 free miles by booking flights with American Airlines is a pretty straightforward process. However, the process does use a system of tiered points. Travelers earn different amounts of points based on whether they are traveling on nonstop flights using First class, Business class or Select Economy.

The maximum total of 50,000 bonus miles can only be achieved if a traveler books three one-way trips in first class during the promotional period. However, there are still several other ways you can earn a few thousand points by booking one-way trips in Business class or Economy class.

The best thing about this promotion is that you don't have to take an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to earning points. You'll still be qualified to gain a terrific amount of bonus points even if you don't fly to Australia or New Zealand frequently enough to reach the highest reward tier.

Even taking a single one-way flight in Economy class will entitle you to 1,500 bonus miles. Of course, the rewards only go higher when you take more trips. It should also be noted that award amounts above 50,000 miles will not be granted even if you qualify beyond what the promotion requires.

How Long Do You Have To Earn Bonus Points?

The promotion offering bonus points for flying to Australia or New Zealand offered by American Airlines is a big deal for anyone who routinely travels to that part of the globe for business or to visit family.

When do you need to book your flight by if you want to take advantage of the offer? Travelers need to register and book their flights between Oct. 21 and Dec. 31 using the promotion code SPF16. Additionally, it is important to note that this is the period for booking qualifying flights that are scheduled for travel between Feb. 1 and May 31 of 2017.

American Airlines Offers More Choices

The good news for travelers is that the promotion offering up to 50,000 bonus miles isn't just limited to flights with American Airlines. American Airlines has opened up this promotion to be used for flights booked with Qantas, its oneworld® partner. This offers a lot more freedom and flexibility when it comes to traveling where and when you need to.