Frequent flyer programs are a popular option among business travelers because of the incentives these loyalty programs offer. Even so, not all programs are created equal. Not sure which program is best for your needs? Read on to find out more about the best programs for business travelers we at have rounded up for you.

Key considerations to ask when you're shopping around for a frequent flyer program include:

  • Do you live in a hub city for that airline?
  • Where do you fly most often?
  • Where would you like to fly?
  • Are you more concerned with cost or convenience and perks?

1. American Airlines AAdvantage

It should come as no surprise that one of the best frequent flyer programs also comes from the largest airline in the United States. Since American Airlines integrated with US Airways, the number of redemption and earning options has vastly expanded. Here, you can find out more about the benefits of American Airlines AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Program.

2. Delta Air Lines SkyMiles

The perks offered by Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Frequent Flyer Program can be significant, especially if you travel frequently. Among those benefits include the potential for unlimited free domestic upgrades as well as a toll-free number should you have any questions or problems, and an airline representative who will green you and whisk you through customs when you fly internationally.

3. HawaiianMiles

The rewards program offered by Hawaiian Airlines is a great option for business travelers to consider, although the number of destinations is more limited than with other programs. Members of Hawaiian Airlines' frequent flyer program are able to take advantage of priority security screening as well as no blackout dates, and free lounge membership.

4. EarlyReturns

The Early Returns program offered by Frontier Airlines provides flights to approximately 80 destinations. Members of this program are also granted free same-day standby. In addition, elite members have the opportunity to earn as much as 200 percent of miles flown.

What Else Should You Weigh In On?

In choosing a frequent flyer program, be sure to consider how the program awards miles because this can vary among programs. In the past, most airlines awarded miles based on the distance of a flight.

In recent years, more airlines have made the change to a revenue-based model for awarding miles. This includes United and Delta. This means that the number of miles you can earn is now based on the amount spent on your airline ticket, regardless of the distance of the flight. For travelers who have a tendency to purchase the cheapest flights possible, this model might not be the best option.

It's also important to take into account the global network associated with the airline offering the program. All the big airlines belong to one of three airline networks. Those networks are SkyTeam, oneworld, and Star Alliance. Each network offers advantages and disadvantages.

Additionally, airlines also typically have other partners, and these partnerships can make a frequent flyer program even more valuable. Case in point, these best credit cards let you transfer points to frequent flyer programs. This option opens up the ways you can go about racking up useful points for your loyalty program.

Take the time to consider the perks offered by each of these networks as well as access to other awards you might gain if you join a particular frequent flyer program. For example, since American Airlines is a member of oneworld, members can benefit from access to airlines in the Middle East, which could make American Airlines' program a good choice, even though this carrier does not operate a lot of flights in that region of the world.