Have you always wanted to know the ways to maximize your hotel rewards but aren't sure where to begin? This might not be the easiest thing to do if you're new to the magnificent world of hotel rewards, but travelers looking to make the most of their hotel award nights will find it easier than they'd imagined by using the following hacks we at GET.com have rounded up for you.

1. Use Free Night Bonuses

Many hotel loyalty programs offer a free night after you have stayed a certain number of nights, so try to plan your travel strategy around this particular offer. Also, it's certain that you'll stand to benefit from transferring your credit card rewards points to hotel loyalty programs to take things up a notch.

2. Be Savvy About Cash And Point Redemptions

If you are considering staying at a property that requires you to have more points than you currently have, consider using a combination of point redemptions and cash. This strategy will allow you to still use your points, which could help to offset the cost of more expensive hotel properties.

3. Pool Your Nights

Planning a longer stay? If so, pool your nights with a travel companion. Many hotel loyalty programs will allow you to pool or transfer points. Some programs will give you the opportunity to do this at a cost, while others let you pool or transfer points for free. This can be a great option when you want to use leftover points or when you simply do not have enough points to book an award hotel stay.

By combining points from more than one account, you have more points to play with when you're traveling the world. Programs that allow you to do this include Carlson, Best Western, and Hyatt. The rules vary among programs, so be sure to check in advance. For instance, some hotel loyalty programs will only allow you to pool points for accounts with the same physical address and others within a specific period of time.

4. Be Flexible About Where You Stay

Sure, everyone wants to stay in a major city, but if you don't mind taking advantage of public transportation, it could be well worth it to stay in an area that isn't as touristy or even in a suburb. By using this tactic, you could double or possibly even triple the length of your hotel award stay.

5. Make Sure You Know What Your Points Will Get You

It will pay off if you put in the effort to choose a hotel rewards program with the best overall value that's best suited for your needs and lifestyle inclinations. Many hotel brands are now setting themselves apart from the competition by offering more than just upgrades and free rooms. For instance, some hotels are now allowing point holders to trade in their points for event and concert tickets, gift certificates, or even airline miles.

Depending on the hotel brand, you could even take advantage of the chance to have complimentary wine and snacks in your rooms or gain access to a concierge service that can help you get tickets to events, arrange a car and driver, or even a VIP table at a restaurant.

6. Gain Elite Status Within Your Hotel Loyalty Program

Among the best ways to maximize hotel rewards is to look for a hotel loyalty program that offers a low threshold for earning elite status level, which can make it easy for you to accumulate qualifying nights. For example, with the Hyatt Gold Passport program, you can upgrade to Platinum status after completing just five eligible stays or 15 eligible nights during one calendar year.