Nothing says Independence Day like the smell of a barbecue drifting through the early summer air. From cowboys cooking grits and fatback over open fires to white-collar suburbans controlling a high-tech grill with their phone, cookouts are an integral feature of the American lifestyle.

As a barbecue aficionado I will definitely be joining the estimated 80% of Americans that the History Channel claims attend barbecues on the 4th of July (I actually believe that one).

Like every year, I will buy at least one extra pound of hickory marinated steak for the most entertaining cookout crashers. You know what I mean, the easy-riders that smell barbecues from a mile away and somehow invite themselves in.

The going rate for a pound of steak averaged $6.20 in March (BLS data), and it doesn't seem to have gone up much since then. Since I love good food, my normal Independence Day grocery spending comes to nearly $100, including drinks.

Somehow the price of that extra pound of steak seems to match the 6% cash back I get from my credit card a little too perfectly. I won't complain, and I doubt the cookout crashers will complain either.

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