While baseball may have been America's pastime 100 years ago, times do change. Americans today are far more likely to be seen watching TV or tapping a screen than swinging a bat. Our love for entertainment and interaction has pushed television, online activities and gaming to the top of the charts.

Shopping is still a favorite pastime, and though store shopping is as popular as ever, we've seen hanging out at the mall give way to online shopping (54% of Americans) and hanging on social media platforms (67%). In spite of all the new media available, the good old pastime of going to the movies remains a favorite.

While reading for pleasure may not be as popular as it once was, 76% of Americans read at least one book a year. Restaurants haven't lost their appeal in the US either, with 58% of Americans eating out at least once a week. We're also happy to share the attraction of the screen with the fun of amusement parks, and 42% of Americans visit a theme park at least once a year. While Americans enjoy a huge variety of leisure activities, this infographic gives you an idea of some of the most popular.

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