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We're all familiar with the cosmic adage which tells us that men are from Mars, women are from Venus. But how do people go about their online shopping on those two very different planets? Once the realm of geeks exchanging tech toys, there's no hiding the fact that online shopping is now safely in female hands. But although shopping has long been considered a Venus pastime, the age of the online store has led to some interesting developments on Mars as well.

While women rule the checkout with 72% of women shopping online alongside just 68% of men, the new mobile age has proven popular among Martians, with more men shopping both on smartphones and on tablets. Although not as many men shop online as women, and don't make nearly as many purchases, they tend to buy more expensive items. Still, they'll have to do some serious catching up if they hope to give their distant neighbors a run for their money.

Of the 11 categories that make up the bulk of online shopping, women took the lead in all but 3. Music was a clear tie at 11% of women and 11% of men buying music online. Auctions and computers/hardware, 2 relics of the original Martian e-commerce experiments, remained in male hands.

If like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City you like your money where you can see it (hanging in your closet) you're not alone. Clothing, shoes and accessories lead the online shopping experience the same way they led department store and mall shopping, with 29% of women and 17% of men buying their clothes, shoes and accessories online.

But it isn't only women's love for shopping that has made the leap from the shopping center to the online store. Coupons are nearly as popular with online shoppers as they are at the cashier, with 71% of women (need I say more?) and 59% of men who shop online redeeming coupons at checkout. Using coupons when shopping online can save as much as 60% compared to paying regular prices.

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