Memorial Day is coming, and that means a lot of driving around to visit friends, family, BBQs and sales events.

AAA estimates that 38 million Americans will hit the road this weekend, more than any Memorial Day since 2005. Fortunately, those millions of Americans will also pay some of the lowest prices for gasoline in recent US history.

So rather than getting into what you'll eat and what deals you can find over the holiday, let's talk about how you can save money on gas while you're driving around this Memorial Day weekend.

According to the Energy Information Administration, American households spent about $1,800 on gasoline in 2015, the lowest level in 11 years, partly because the price of crude oil has fallen sharply and partly because Americans are driving less.

A gallon of gas now averages $2.29 compared to $2.74 over last year's Memorial Day weekend, according to the AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

According to, which tracks gas prices across the country through user reports, gas prices nationwide hit rock-bottom in February, with a national average price of just $1.69 per gallon. Since then, gas prices have inched up slightly to $2.25.

Currently, California has some of the country's highest gas prices, with the price of a gallon averaging $2.80. Hawaii is next, with gas prices averaging $2.66, followed by Washington at $2.59, Alaska at $2.58 and Nevada at $2.49. Texas and the Midwest, where most of the oil wells and refineries are, have some of the country's lowest gas prices, averaging less than $2 per gallon.

Although gas prices in West are the highest in the country, they have been rising less rapidly there than elsewhere because of oversupply, stockpiles and fewer Americans hitting the road. Prices in the South and Midwest are expected to rise faster than anywhere else as low fuel prices lead more refineries to close up shop.

But there are several tools available that can show you how much you'll pay for a road trip anywhere in the country. According to GasBuddy, for example, A cross-county road trip from San Francisco to New York in a 2014 Honda Accord should cost you just under $200 worth of gasoline.

Paying for that gas with a cash back card could help you save even more.