FICO® Score Watch provides clear credit information, and if you like being in the financial control room this is your key to get in. The Score Watch service gives you access to your FICO® Score and your Equifax Credit Report™ . In my opinion, one of the most useful features you get with your account is the FICO® Score Simulator. This tool gives you a good idea of how a credit decision you make could affect your credit score. You have the power to make informed financial decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises. This tool also makes myFICO Score Watch a good choice for those looking to build a solid credit record.

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Things We Like About FICO® Score Watch

FICO® Score Simulator. How would applying for a new credit card affect your credit score? This credit score simulator makes it possible to get a good idea of how different behavior could potentially influence your credit score. Results are based on the credit score available and you have unlimited access to the simulator. Potential scenarios you can simulate include missing payments, transferring a card balance, paying down balances and paying bills on time.

FICO Score Analysis gives you an accurate picture of how different factors have affected your credit score. Both positive and negative factors are shown clearly so you can see where you've done well, and where you need to improve. Factors taken into account include the length of your credit history (how long you've been getting credit), your payment history, amount of debt, and how much credit you've gotten recently.

Customized Alerts each time your credit score changes you get an alert via text, email or the iOS app. No matter where you are, you can be well informed about changes in your score.

$10 Off for the first month. You pay $4.95 for the first month after signing up, then $14.95 per month (with a 3-month minimum required). If you pay for a year in advance ($149.95) you save almost $20 the first year and nearly $30 each year after that.

Competitive rate finder helps you find the best available interest rates for a mortgage, car loan, credit card or insurance premium based on your credit score.

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myFICO Score Watch is an entry level service that lets you get a good basic overview of your credit score for a low price. It includes useful tools that can help you monitor and protect your credit. If you're an average consumer and would like a pretty accurate picture of what your credit score looks like, Score Watch can provide that much cheaper than other myFICO products. Since 90% of US credit providers check FICO credit scores when considering you for credit, knowing what your score looks like is a definite advantage.

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