Delta SkyMiles members have a new reason to cheer. The airline recently announced that it will be expanding the slew of rewards it offers for members of its loyalty program. The improvements will mostly affect the program's Silver members. The move exhibits how Delta is ready and willing to go the extra mile to create elegant and hassle-free travel experiences for members at all levels of its highly regarded loyalty program. The new changes became effective on Oct. 10 of this year.

What Improvements Can Members Expect From The Delta SkyMiles Program?

Upgrades are definitely the hot commodity in airline rewards programs these days. Delta has decided to answer the demand for prime seats by extending upgrades to members of its loyalty program with Silver status.

Silver members traveling on award tickets can now look forward to qualifying for complimentary upgrades on domestic routes. The move is creating a lot of buzz in the airline industry because it solidifies Delta's commitment to continue offering upgrades on award tickets. For those who don't already know, Delta is actually the only legacy carrier to allow seat upgrades for award tickets. Of course, Silver members were excluded from receiving that perk until the airline's newest announcement.

What Do You Have To Do To Quality For Silver Status With The Delta SkyMiles Program?

Many frequent travelers are like to have a new interest in reaching Silver status in the Delta SkyMiles program now that this policy on seat upgrades has been introduced. What do you have to do to be eligible? Silver status is achieved after flying 25,000 miles and spending $3,000 in a single calendar year.

The introduction of free seat upgrades is being added to what is already a very robust collection of perks. These perks include preferred seating and waived bag fees. Of course, it is important to point out that Delta's policy on complimentary upgrades does come with a few stipulations.

Upgraded seats are awarded based on the spaces that are available in the business-class cabin. Priority for upgrades is given based on membership rank. Diamond, Platinum and Gold members do get priority over Silver members when it comes to seat upgrades. In addition, those traveling on revenue tickets receive priority for upgrades over those traveling on award tickets.

What Members Can Expect From New Upgrade Policies

The bottom line is that Delta's new policy on upgrades is definitely a victory for members with Silver status. While an upgrade isn't a sure thing every time, there are plenty of scenarios that make it perfectly possible for Silver members to enjoy free upgrades to business class quite regularly.

Delta's introduction of expanded business-class upgrades makes membership an even more attractive prospect than it was before. This move demonstrates that the airline is even looking to cater to the needs of travelers who might not reach the highest brackets of membership.

What will this new policy for seat upgrades likely mean for Delta? It is being viewed as a clear sign that the airline is committed to making sure its Silver members are pleased enough to stick with the program.