BankAmeriDeals® gives money-savvy Bank of America customers a fuss-free way to get up to 15% discounts in the form of cash back. This cash back is earned on top of the cash back that you may already get with your Bank of America credit card. Much like Shop through Chase℠, BankAmeriDeals® provides regularly updated deals from many different retailers, service companies, restaurants, stores and other merchants.

There is no need to fumble with coupons and promo codes - all you need to do is select and activate the deals that you are interested in. Of course, you can do this on the go if you are using the Bank of America Mobile Banking app.

How Do The Cash Back Deals Work?

You don't have to move mountains to earn some extra cash back. Once you have enrolled in the BankAmeriDeals® program, you can access the deals either online or on your mobile via the Bank of America Mobile Banking app. Browse the cash back deals and pick those that you want directly in Online or Mobile Banking. Click on the deals that you want to load them to your eligible Bank of America debit or credit card.

Then, proceed to pay in full with your chosen eligible Bank of America debit or credit card. Using one like Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card - $200 Cash Rewards Offer is a smart move to ensure that you earn as much cash back as possible since this credit card rewards you for all your spending anyway (even more so if you happen to be paying for purchases that fall under the grocery stores, wholesale clubs, gas categories).

For example, if you see a deal offering $5 cash back off a $20 purchase at your favorite coffee shop, you can simply click on the Add This Deal button to add the deal to your account. When you go to that coffee shop and spend $20 on purchases, you will earn $5 cash back on top of any other cash back you may already earn with your card.

It is as simple as that and you can consider that extra cash back yours. The cash back that you have earned on your BankAmeriDeals® deals will usually be automatically credited to your designated cash back account within 30 days after you successfully redeemed the deal. Your designated cash back account could be your eligible checking, savings, money market or credit account. You can choose your designated account under the Preferences tab in the Cash Back Deals section of Online Banking or under BankAmeriDeals in Settings in the Bank of America Mobile Banking app.

Who Can Enroll In The BankAmeriDeals® Program?

If you own an eligible Bank of America debit or credit card or Merrill® credit card and are enrolled in Bank of America's Online Banking or Mobile Banking, you can participate in the BankAmeriDeals® program. Keep in mind that select co-branded credit cards are not eligible for participation in the BankAmeriDeals® program.

Is The BankAmeriDeals® Program Worthwhile?

To reiterate, the BankAmeriDeals® Program offers you an extra platform to earn cash back through deals put up by participating merchants and retailers. There is no need to snag every single deal you come across, and it is okay to be disciplined and just shoot for deals on dining or purchases that you were going to spend on anyway.

While many of the offers come from large chain stores or restaurants, offers from smaller merchants do find their way into the program and deals are updated frequently. If you like the idea of earning up to 15% cash back on things you plan to buy or restaurant meals that you will eat anyway, then signing up for a Bank of America card (if you don't already have one) and enrolling in Online and Mobile Banking will probably be worth the effort.

What's more, you can also set alerts to receive email and text reminders when new deals become available. If you use the Bank of America Mobile Banking app, you can also make use of the app to check out all your nearby cash back deals. Not only does this take mere seconds or minutes, it also pretty much guarantees convenience since you do not have to go out of your way to snag these deals.

Should You Get A Bank Of America Credit Card?

I'll be the first to admit that a Bank of America credit card may not be everybody's preferred piece of plastic. If you are the type of cardholder whose credit card habits are less than ideal, the average to high APRs and stiff penalty fees that come with Bank of America cards probably won't suit you.

But for money-smart credit card users with a keen eye for cash back opportunities, I find that Bank of America has a lot to offer. If you prefer clearly defined savings in solid purchase categories over earning difficult-to-calculate cash back in irregular changing categories, then a Bank of America cash back card may be a good fit for you.