This card offer has already expired! This credit card is no longer available through!

The Citi Platinum is a card I would highly recommend to those of you in the U.S. who want to do a balance transfer so as to stop paying any interest on current credit card debts. Issued by Citi (C), this MasterCard (MA) has a 0% introductory APR (interest rate) on balance transfers and purchases for a long period of time, and can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Here I will do a review of the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard, a best rated credit card for people who want to cut their existing credit card debts.

Things We Like About This Card

No annual fee. You won't have to pay any annual fee for using this card.

0% introductory APR on balance transfers for 18 months. For 18 months from the date of your first transfer, you will enjoy a 0% introductory rate, after that the regular APR will be 11.99% to 21.99% depending on your credit score. That means you have up to 18 months to pay off your existing card debt with 0% interest!

0% introductory APR on all your purchases. You will also have the benefit of having a 0% APR on all your purchases for the first 18 months. After that, you'll have to pay the regular variable APR of either 11.99%, 16.99% or 21.99%, depending on your credit score.

Very low balance transfer fee of 3%. For each balance transfer, you need to pay 3% of the amount you transfer as fees, or $5 minimum. Some credit cards charge up to 5% balance transfer fee.

"Extra Cash" from Citi. This gives you access to a wide variety of promotions and discounts. You will receive discounts ("Extra Cash from Citi" or "Extra Cash") to be used towards the purchase of goods or services from participating merchants through their online site. Do note that Extra Cash from Citi has no cash value.

Prevents online identity theft. This is an innovative feature that lets you generate a virtual account number which is a random credit card number that you can use for online shopping. By never revealing your real card number online, it makes it basically impossible for anyone to get their hands on your account information over the internet!

Retail Purchase Protection. When you buy things using your Citi Card, most of the items are eligible for protection against theft, fire or accidental breakage of up to $1,000 for up to 90 days from the date of purchase. So you don't have to worry if the store merchant refuses an item exchange!

Extended Warranty. For most items purchased on your Citi card, the original manufacturers' U.S. warranties (of one year or less) may be extended up to one more year. This is especially useful for electronic products.

Travel insurance. This insurance includes emergency assistance, medical assistance, and more. When you charge travel tickets to your Citi card, you, your spouse and eligible dependent children are automatically covered for Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance. The travel insurance also gives you assistance if you lose any of your baggage when traveling by plane, etc.

Auto rental insurance. If you rent a car with this Citi card and damage the car in an accident, you don't have to worry about the cost of repair since this card also includes auto rental insurance.

Have your picture on the card. Citi Photocard gives you the option of having your picture and signature on your Citi card, which is a lot safer to have and makes it much more difficult for thieves to use it in person. It is a great way to identify yourself.

Our Least Favorite Things About This Card

No rewards or cash back program. This Citi Platinum Select credit card is mainly for those who want to take advantage of its 0% intro APR for balance transfers and purchases, and doesn't reward you in points or cash back when you spend on the card.

The Citi Platinum Select MasterCard has a very attractive 0% introductory rate on purchases for 18 months and balance transfers for 18 months, and therefore is one of my top rated 0% balance transfer credit cards. So if you transfer a balance (if any) from a high-interest card account to this new card, you won't have to pay any interest on the transferred amount for 18 months, which will make it easier for you to pay off your debt in a manageable way and in a shorter period of time.

The Citi Platinum has no annual fee, and charges a reasonably low variable interest rate for purchases after the introductory period. If you intend to buy a big-ticket item such as a laptop or vacation package and then pay it off over 12 months, this low interest credit card is especially suitable for you since you don't have to pay any interest on your purchases for the first 12 months. I highly recommend the Citi Platinum Select MasterCard for those who want to take advantage of its 0% intro APR for balance transfers and purchases.

This card offer has already expired! This credit card is no longer available through!