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HighlightsCredit Card Feature
Things We LikeSigning bonus of 10,000 bonus points
Our Least Favorite No low intro APR period for purchases
Our Verdict Great card to earn points at Jetblue, restaurants and grocery stores

JetBlue Card is the entry-level JetBlue loyalty credit card, but still manages to deliver powerful rewards earning and great benefits for JetBlue flyers. If you live near an airport serviced by JetBlue, there are several compelling arguments in favor of getting this card.

JetBlue Airways Corporation is the fifth largest airline in the US, and JetBlue planes fly to nearly 100 destinations. As well as flying between U.S. cities, JetBlue also flies to popular destinations in the Americas, including Mexico, the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda, Barbados, The Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, and Costa Rica, with Cuba in the works), Peru, Colombia and more.

Here we'll look at the pros and cons of JetBlue Card to help you decide if this airline credit card deserves a slot in your wallet.

Things We Like About JetBlue Card

It has a $0 annual fee! Why are we so excited about that? Because coming across an airline credit card with no annual fee is about as common as meeting a Sasquatch. An annual fee can take a huge, chunky bite out of the savings you get by earning rewards, so no annual fee is a huge plus on an airline credit card.

Earn 10,000 bonus points. Okay, this isn't a whopper. But the fact that this card with $0 annual fee still packs a bonus offer at all is impressive. The welcome offer lets you earn 10,000 bonus points after you charge $1,000 of purchases to your card within 90 days of account opening.

You earn 3 points per $1 of JetBlue purchases. Every dollar you spend on purchases from JetBlue earns 3 points. If you fly JetBlue often, those points can add up to free flights fast.

You earn points at restaurants and grocery stores. Every $1 you spend on purchases at restaurants and grocery stores earns 2 points. That means you can collect points fast on purchases you probably make fairly often. After all, most of us buy groceries, and if you are lucky enough to enjoy 3 meals a day at restaurants, you'll earn these high points just the same.

Earn 1 point for every other $1. You earn 1 point per $1 for all other purchases charged to this card. Every purchase you pay for using this card earns these points, so if you use this card to pay for big expenses, you can earn some award travel in the process.

You save 50% on eligible inflight purchases. By using this card to pay for inflight purchases like food, cocktails and other eligible in-flight purchases on JetBlue, you get 50% savings. Sadly, wireless internet access and duty-free purchases aren't eligible. Still, getting 50% off an EatUp Box (normal price $7) or EatUp Café (normal price $4 - $12) takes the financial sting out of enjoying your flight more. JetBlue offers free soft drinks and brand-name snacks for free.

You don't pay a foreign transaction fee. Use this card to pay while at your exotic travel destination to avoid paying a foreign currency exchange fee. Most credit cards charge 3% of the amount you spend to cover the foreign currency transaction. So this card will help you save on the ground as well as in the air.

Points don't expire. Your TrueBlue® points do not expire, so you can collect as many as you like and redeem them when you choose.

There are no blackout dates. Unlike some other frequent flyer programs, which limit the flights you can redeem your rewards towards, the TrueBlue points you earn can be redeemed towards flights with no blackout dates, so you can fly whenever you choose.

It has an introductory APR on balance transfers. After you successfully apply for this card, you enjoy 0% intro APR on balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles on balance transfers made within 45 days of account opening. So if you have an outstanding balance on another credit card, you can take advantage of this intro APR period to pay off your debt without accumulating interest charges. After the introductory APR period, the standard 12.99%, 20.99% or 25.99% variable APR applies. Note that a balance transfer fee (either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater) applies to each balance transfer you make.

It has chip technology. this isn't a lot to get excited about anymore, since many US card now include EMV chips. But it's still worth knowing that you can use this card at many terminals outside of the US, which don't accept magnetic strip credit cards.

You enjoy $0 fraud liability protection. This means that if you report your card as lost or missing, you won't be liable to pay for any fraudulent transactions made with the card.

Our Least Favorite Things About JetBlue Card

No low intro APR period for purchases. You enjoy an introductory low APR period for balance transfers, but any purchases you make with this card will be subject to the 12.99%, 20.99% or 25.99% variable APR right from the start.

High late payment and returned payment fees. Always pay your credit card bill in full by the due date to max out the benefits this card can give you. If you make a late payment, of if your payment is returned, you will have to pay a high penalty fee (the exact amount varies by state).

How Other Cards Compare With JetBlue Card

25,000 online bonus points if you make at least $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening - that can be a $250 statement credit toward travel purchases
Intro APR:0% Introductory APR for 12 billing cycles for purchases
Regular APR:16.49% - 24.49% Variable APR
Annual Fee:$0
Credit Required:Excellent/Good

JetBlue Card has a $0 annual fee and lets you earn a great rate of rewards per $1 of purchases.

JetBlue Card lets you earn points at a rate that compares well with the best (and most expensive) frequent flyer credit cards in the US. The big difference is that this card has a $0 annual fee! That means that all the points you earn and benefits you get are straight travel savings, because you don't need to factor in the cost of the card.

The bonus offer isn't anything to write home about, but you aren't paying for it. The savings you get on JetBlue inflight purchases and the fact that you don't pay a foreign transaction fee can add up to great savings.

If you travel a lot, then a more expensive card which comes with lounge access, comprehensive travel insurance or credit towards an expedited immigration service may be worth it. But if all you want is to earn award flights for cheap vacations or visits, JetBlue Card is a money-smart choice.

This card offer is currently unavailable through! However, click here to check out our best rated Travel Credit Cards.