The world is changing. As you start planning your career, it can be hard to predict which industries will be booming in the years and decades to come. Many of us are looking for careers in industries that will provide stability and high pay. While nobody has a crystal ball, there are some pretty strong indicators of the types of careers that will be booming in the years ahead. Factors that affect the rise of certain employment fields include law changes, economic trends and population changes. Whether you're choosing a college major or you'd like to make a career change, it's important to look ahead to see the types of jobs that will be in high demand when you enter the job market. Take a look at six careers that show a lot of promise going into 2017.

  1. Physician Assistants

    An aging population of baby boomers means that jobs for qualified medical professionals will be on the rise for many years to come. Healthcare facilities across the country are increasingly hiring physician assistants in response to the nationwide shortage of physicians.
  2. Environmental Protection Technicians

    With all of the standards and regulations that American companies need to comply with, somebody needs to be able to hold them accountable. Environmental protection technicians exist to monitor, manage and audit corporations and entities in regards to environmental compliance issues. A person in this field typically holds a degree in chemistry, biology or forensic science.
  3. Gaming Specialists

    More and more states are legalizing gambling. As a result, new casinos and betting arenas are looking for qualified professionals to run tables and assist with bets. A person looking to work in this field should have excellent customer service skills and display attention to detail.
  4. Software Engineers

    Technology is the language of the future. Companies are looking for more and more software engineers and developers every year. This highly competitive field pays quite well. Professionals in the field must always be keeping up with emerging trends and technologies. Those employed in the field are tasked with creating new internet applications, upgrading old systems and maintaining existing systems.
  5. Pharmacy Technicians

    The need for pharmacy technicians will increase as the aging population in the United States increases. Pharmacy technicians are essential because they are tasked with accurately supplying the correct dosages of medications to customers. These professionals work in settings that range from hospitals to grocery stores. There has been a push in recent years for pharmacy hours to be more accessible at major drug stores and grocery chains. As more and more stores and pharmacies try to attract the business of elderly customers by expanding business hours, more techs will need to be hired.
  6. Financial Analysts

    Every corporation is looking for a crystal ball that will help them predict the future in terms of finances. A financial analyst is that crystal ball. The data-driven nature of today's global economy means that financial analysts have never been more important. Nearly all financial analysts are required to have a bachelor's or master's degree in finance, accounting or a related field.

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