Emergency travel insurance (also called air evacuation/foreign medical insurance) combines travel emergency medical insurance with medical evacuation insurance. This type of insurance will appeal primarily to you if you spend a lot of time away from home. It provides coverage for the medical costs of an unexpected health-related emergency while you're away from home. Medical evacuation insurance covers the cost of transport (usually to your home country) in a medical emergency. Will you benefit from this coverage? Here are a few things to consider before taking out a policy.

Where will you be traveling to? Many primary health insurance providers cover medical costs for emergency's within the U.S. and even abroad. If you already have a primary insurance, take a good look at your policy to make sure you aren't already covered. If you own a credit card, take a look at the benefits that it offers. Some credit cards give you emergency travel medical insurance as an added benefit.

If you aren't already covered for emergencies while traveling, then you'll benefit from this coverage in the event of an emergency. The right policy should cover every country or area you may visit, and it should cover you for the entire duration of your trip. Some policies only cover you for limited amounts of time. If you only travel occasionally you could also get temporary insurance. Make sure to get a policy that provides a large enough coverage for the cost of possible emergencies. Often the price difference for much higher coverage is relatively small. Generally, you will not be covered for emergencies caused by pre-existing health conditions - and this is the catch. This will usually be determined by the medical staff when you're treated during a medical emergency, and it includes pregnancy. If you do have an unexpected medical emergency while traveling, this coverage can save you a lot of money.

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