Comprehensive would be the right word to describe the policies offered by this insurer. Unlike many other pet insurers that cover medical costs, but not veterinary consultation charges, Embrace includes all vet fees in its plans. You have the freedom to customize the amount of deductible, coverage and maximum you get with your policy to suit your pet's lifestyle. Here I take a look at the main perks it offers as well as the cons.

Embrace provides comprehensive pet insurance coverage for illness, injuries, congenital conditions, breed-specific health problems, hereditary conditions and more. If your pet needs treatment, you can count on getting coverage for medication, surgery, x-rays, blood tests, cancer diagnostics and treatment, rehabilitation, and alternative therapies. You also get good rates for the comprehensive coverage they offer. The catch? There are caps on the amount of insurance coverage you can get each year. You can choose this amount when you create your policy. Although most pet owners won't need compensation over the annual limits you get, if your pet is likely to develop long-term or complex health problems this may not be the best insurer for you.

Features We Like

Online quotes. The premium you pay will depend on the breed of your pet, as well as its age and where it lives. You can find out what you would pay using the easy online quote tool.

Discounts. Get a 5% discount if your pet is spayed or neutered (except in Florida & Washington). Enjoy a 5% discount if you insure more than one pet. Military servicemembers and veterans can get a 5% discount (except in Florida & Tennessee). Get a 5% discount if you choose to pay your premium in a lump sum each year. You can also benefit from a 5% discount if your pet's PennHIP test results show a bilateral score of 0.3 or lower.

Comprehensive coverage includes all medication and diagnosis and treatment of most health conditions and injuries. Coverage includes cancer, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, and most illnesses.

Veterinary fees covered. Many pet insurance providers will cover the cost of treatment but not examinations. Embrace covers all vet charges.

Flexible. You can choose the coverage that's best suited to your budget.

Our Least Favorite Things About This Coverage

Maximum annual benefit. You can choose from several caps on annual coverage. These are $5,000, $10,000 or $15,000. You will receive coverage up to that limit each year.

Minimum annual deductible of $100 means that you will have to pay at least the first $100 each year before the insurance takes over. If you are willing to pay smaller charges yourself and just need insurance for the large bills, you can save a lot by getting a higher deductible. With this insurer you can choose an annual deductible of $100 to $1,000.

Maximum coverage. The most you can get back from them is 90% of the cost of care.

Embrace is a pet insurance provider with an established record of paying claims and a solid financial strength rating. They offer comprehensive coverage, but the downside is that it comes with annual limits. This is a good provider for you if you want complete coverage but don't expect very high annual health care expenses.