Petplan policies are some of the most popular pet insurance policies in the US. They provide similar benefits to our other top rated pet insurance providers such as Trupanion. This insurer is a good choice if you need to insure an expensive breed, or a pet that may be expensive to treat. Petplan offers plans with benefits as high as $22,000 (Gold plan). If you like to work with credible insurers, you will appreciate the fact that AGCS (Allianz), which underwrites Petplan policies, has a top financial strength rating from A.M. Best.

Features We Like

Veterinary exams covered. Even specialized veterinary exams are covered.

Medication covered. All medication prescribed by your vet is covered.

Alternative medicine. Any alternative and holistic therapies are covered in the standard policies. No need to get an optional rider.

Online quote. In just a few minutes you can have a quote based on the breed and age of your pet, the area you live in, and the amount of coverage you want.

Types Of Coverage

Pet insurance from Petplan provides comprehensive coverage that should meet almost any medical need your pet may have. While the Bronze plan offers more standard coverage, the Silver or Gold plans include some really useful benefits that you don't find on most pet insurance. Here I will list what I feel are the main pros and cons of Petplan's pet insurance.


Discounts. You can get discounts when you insure more than one pet (10%), enroll online (5%), or if you are a military service member or veteran (10%).

Boarding kennel fees covered. If you get the Silver or Gold plans, you can get part of the cost of leaving your pet at an eligible boarding home covered ($250 Silver and $500 Gold). This is a great benefit because as much as we love them, there are times when we have to leave our pets behind (business trips, vacations, etc.)

Advertising and reward costs covered. If your pet goes missing, they will help cover the cost of advertising and offering a reward, up to $250 with the Silver plan and $500 with the Gold.

Reimbursement for stolen or strayed pet. Nothing can replace a dear friend, but financial reimbursement can make your life easier. If your dog or cat is stolen or strays permanently, you can get reimbursed for the financial value of your pet, up to $250 (Silver) or $500 (Gold). This benefit comes with both Gold and Silver plans.

Death benefit. This life insurance benefit for your pet comes with the Gold plan and lets you get reimbursement for the price you paid (up to $1,000) for your pet if they die as a result of injury or illness. You will still get this coverage if your pet has to be "put to sleep" by a vet for humane reasons. Reimbursement is subject to policy limits.

Vacation cancellation coverage. If you as a Gold plan holder have to cancel a trip or vacation due to your pet unexpectedly showing signs of illness or getting injured after a trip is booked, you can get reimbursed up to $1,000.

Chronic and hereditary illness covered. If your pet develops a chronic or hereditary illness after you sign up for the policy, your vet bills associated with this illness will be covered. These long term care costs can get expensive, and I recommend you get a thorough veterinary examination done before getting a policy, so you can prove your pet was healthy when you signed up.

Covered for life. Once you sign up for this insurance, you can keep it for your pet's entire life, as long as you pay your premiums. They can't cancel your policy if your pet's costs get too high.


Deductible. You have a minimum deductible of $50 and this is per policy year per condition. That means that you will pay this deductible every time your pet has a different health problem each year. For example, if your dog has an illness and is attacked by another dog in the same year, you will pay a minimum deductible of $50 for the illness and another $50 deductible for the injury. If your dog gets the same illness several times in the same policy year, you will only have to pay one $50 deductible. On the upside, if your pet rarely gets sick and isn't prone to accidents, you can enjoy one of the lowest deductibles available for any pet insurance.

Petplan offers some of the most comprehensive insurance for your dog or cat available. They have good discount options and innovative benefits. The pet insurance offered by Petplan will benefit you most if your pet develops recurring health problems, as you will only pay a single annual deductible if the same condition recurs. If you are looking for complete coverage for your pet throughout their entire life, this is a good insurance company to go with.