Progressive is a strong contender in the car insurance market. What I like about this insurer is that it offers free online quotes that let you name the price you are willing to pay so you can quickly find out if there's a suitable package for you. Its website is easy to use and reporting a claim online is also simple. Progressive offers a number of really good benefits like roadside assistance and coverage for pet injuries if for example, your dog were injured in a car accident. It also provides discounts for low-risk driving and multiple policies. If you need a solid car insurance with good online tools, this may be the right insurer for you.

Features We Like

Roadside assistance can be added to your policy and offers assistance if you get a flat tire, your battery dies, you run out of gas or lock your keys in your car. You also get towing services (limited in some states) that can save the day if your engine fails. You can call the Progressive hotline directly in an emergency, or call another roadside assistance service and then invoice Progressive for a refund.

Snapshot® is a small device you install in your car that collects information about your driving habits such as what time of day you drive, how often you drive, and how you use your brakes. You can save as much as 30% if you have great braking habits and only drive at night, but average savings of 10% to 15% are more realistic. You can request a trial before taking out a policy, to help you see if you could save by switching to progressive, and how much. The Snapshot service isn't available in all states.

Progressive app lets you report claims (with photos), find an eligible car service center, get roadside assistance, and pay your premium right from your smartphone.

Coverage Details

Car insurance. Since this company is focused on car insurance, it provides a lot of nice features that drivers can take advantage of. The optional coverage it offers includes collision coverage (that includes pet injuries), loan/lease payoff coverage, and roadside assistance. Progressive does not offer new car replacement, but in its favor it does have 24/7 claims processing. So although you may not get your totaled car replaced, you will get a good claims service. To find out if this insurer may be the right fit for you, have a look at these saving tips that can earn real discounts:

  • Use e-sign to sign your documents online.
  • Consider insuring all your cars with this insurer.
  • Consider getting your homeowner's, boat or RV insurance with the same insurer.
  • Pay your premiums up front in a lump sum for a 10% discount.
  • Install the Snapshot® device to save on low risk driving habits.

Motorcycle insurance by this company is quite extensive. You can get total loss coverage that covers the cost of replacing your stolen (or totaled) bike with a new identical bike. Accessories and customized parts are covered up to $3,000, which can be increased up to $30,000. Progressive also provides agreed value policies for eligible custom bikes, so you can get your personalized bike covered for the amount you choose. You also get roadside assistance and can get your bike insured even if it's an older model. The amount of coverage you get will depend on your policy and the deductible you pay. This company claims to specialize in motorcycle insurance and helping you get the best coverage for your bike. If you decide to use this insurance, consider these saving tips:

  • You get a discount when you renew your insurance without having made any claims.
  • Get a discount when you install a LoJack® device.
  • You get a discount on your next policy when you pay your premiums on time.
  • Get a discount when you complete an approved safety course.
  • Get a discount if your driving record shows 3 years free from accidents and traffic violations.
  • Get a discount if you own your own home.

Boat insurance. This provider insures boats up to 50 feet long and up to $250,000 in value. Personal watercraft up to 15 feet long and $27,000 in value can also be insured. Aside from the standard features you would expect from a good boat insurance, Progressive provides some outstanding standard and optional benefits, which I'll list here:

  • Pet injury coverage of up to $1,000 (included in basic comprehensive and collision coverage).
  • Fuel spill liability (included in basic bodily injury/property damage liability coverage);
  • You choose between actual cash value, agreed value or total loss replacement when you take out your policy.
  • Disappearing deductibles come standard with agreed value and total loss replacement policies. You can also add this to actual cash value policies for an additional premium. This feature reduces your comprehensive and collision coverage deductibles by 25% each year that you remain claim-free, down to zero deductible after 4 years.
  • Mexico physical damage coverage is included in comprehensive and collision coverage. It covers damage to your boat in Mexico and up to 50 miles off the Mexican coast. If you choose to make repairs in the US instead of in Mexico, your costs will only be covered up to the estimate for Mexico, so you'll be better off repairing in Mexico if you can.
  • Coastal navigation coverage insures your boat within US and Canadian waterways, and up to 75 miles off the coast as long as you stay within territorial waters.
  • Personal effects coverage protects your belongings while aboard your boat with up to $5,000 total coverage and $1,000 per item. This could come in handy if your expensive camera or designer sailing shoes fell overboard.

Homeowner's insurance offered by this insurer comes in 3 different packages.

  • The most basic package (HO1) covers 11 basic perils including fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, theft, smoke and explosions. You also get coverage for broken glass (if it's actually part of the structure), vandalism and rioting or civil unrest. This package is the cheapest, and as long as you keep your deductible affordable, this may provide all the coverage you really need.
  • HO2 policies cover you for 7 added perils above those covered by HO1. This insures your home against collapse and damage caused by weight of snow, ice and sleet. Your air conditioning systems, appliances and plumbing will be covered for damage caused by freezing. Additionally, your home will be protected from falling objects such as branches (or meteorites), damage caused by a broken heating system, power surges, and steam damage. If you live in the northern US then adding this coverage makes a lot of sense.
  • If it's peace of mind you want then HO3 may give it to you. It gives you all of the coverage of HO1 and HO2, but with the added clause claiming to cover damage caused by all perils except floods, war, earthquakes and nuclear accidents. It would have been nice to see earthquake insurance included at this high level.

You will get standard liability and loss of use coverage with your homeowner's insurance. Loss of use coverage pays your rent or accommodation while your home is being repaired, up to a set limit. You also get medical liability coverage (for people hurt on your property) and some personal property coverage for belongings inside your house. You can extend any policy with coverage for jewelry, antiques and fine art at an additional charge. You can also add sewer backup coverage and cover for building code upgrades.

Renter's insurance. Progressive offers renters insurance throughout the US, except in Florida and Alaska. As with other renter's insurance, it offers protection for your possessions while they are in a specific building. Aside from the typical coverage for liability, medical liability, theft, fire and smoke, this insurer also covers items damaged due to building collapse caused by weather, water leakage and overflow and freezing of plumbing or air conditioning.

Progressive provides some good benefits that you don't find with most other insurers. It gives you a lot of added benefits such as pet injury coverage and Snapshot discounts for low-risk driving. The boat insurance from this company is quite comprehensive and offers a lot of coverage that other boat insurers do not. It would have been nice to see more discounts on homeowners and renters policies. Most home insurance providers offer discounts when you install anti-theft devices and fire alarms. These were missing here. On the upside, you get discounts if you take out a homeowner's or renter's policy along with your car insurance. If you are looking for car insurance, motorcycle insurance or boat insurance, you should take a moment to get a quote from Progressive.