Worth Ave. provides personal property insurance for smart phones, cameras and other electronic devices. Many modern smartphones are up to 30 times more expensive than sterling silver of the same weight, and considering how much we use them, getting a phone insured at a low cost is a good investment. One of the best products offered by this insurance provider is its College Plus student coverage. This plan covers a lot more than electronics, and includes insurance for musical instruments, furniture, clothing and more.

But is gadget insurance really worth it? The value of devices, besides the information you store on them, varies a lot from low-end to high-end products. Here I'll review this personal property insurer to help you decide for yourself if getting your laptop or phone insured is a good idea.

Features We Like

Online application. Getting insurance online is quick and easy.

Risk-free guarantee. You can cancel your policy and receive your full annual premium within 30 days of signing up.

Worldwide coverage. No matter where your device goes, your insurance goes with it.

Cost replacement. If your device or other insured item cannot be repaired, you will be paid out the full cost of replacing it with a new one (minus your deductible).

Personal property insurance from Worth Ave. can be purchased for most electronic devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras, iPods and gaming systems. You get full cost replacement coverage, and your device is insured for most common (and less common) perils. This company also provides bundled policies such as the College Plus plan for students and the Educators Plus policy.

College Plus plan. This plan is available to students and can protect your personal property from cracked screens, vandalism, fire, theft, water damage, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Items covered include textbooks, computers, appliances, electronic devices, clothes, furniture, sports equipment, cameras and photographic accessories, jewelry, bicycles and linens (just in case someone swipes your towel or sets your bed on fire). You can get this coverage as long as you are studying whether you live on campus, at home or even outside of the US.

Educators Plus plan. If you work in a K12 school, a private school, boarding school, college or university you could get coverage for all your devices with one policy. This plan provides the same coverage as the College Plus plan.

For both plans, premiums start at $60 a year ($2,000 coverage with $100 deductible) and go up to $219 a year ($10,000 coverage and $25 deductible). For $100 a year you get $4,000 coverage with a low $25 deductible. Many businesses today depend on laptops and other devices. If you're looking for coverage for all your employees, Worth Ave. also offers corporate insurance that can cover your employees' devices.

Worth Ave. is an established provider of personal property insurance that has been operating since 1971. Their insurance is underwritten by Hanover Insurance Company which has good financial strength ratings. If you own or plan to purchase a high-end device, a policy from this insurer can give you a lot of peace of mind at a relatively low cost.