Business and leisure travelers alike are starting to demand faster Wi-Fi on flights, and some airlines such as JetBlue and Virgin America are way ahead of the game with ViaSat. This has caused plenty of headache for American Airlines. In June, the carrier announced that it intended to work with Gogo's main competitor, ViaSat, to equip the new Boeing 737 MAX fleet with satellite Wi-Fi service, which is impressively much faster and more reliable than Gogo's.

Just recently, American Airlines decided to start upgrading its 500 planes in its domestic fleet with ViaSat.

Travelers should certainly celebrate the announcement. ViaSat is already in use on Virgin America and JetBlue flights and is considered to be well-liked. ViaSat offers strong enough Internet for in-flight streaming, and users can access sites like YouTube and Netflix with ease.

While ViaSat will outfit 500 American Airlines planes, the most recent announcement isn't a permanent break-up. Gogo will still outfit other planes in American Airline's domestic fleet with 2KU satellite Wi-Fi.

Don't expect to be streaming YouTube or binge-watching Netflix any time soon though as the upgrades will take time. ViaSat plans to start making upgrades in June next year, and the project will take an estimated two years to complete. But, once the the new Wi-Fi system is installed, travelers on American Airlines will be able to stream television, music, movies and more.