American Airline's 2017 elite program is set to launch, and the airline is showing off a few more benefits, including about the very well-guarded Concierge Key Benefits. Many of the changes mirror the competition, though the highest tier members at the Executive Platinum (EXP) and secret VIP Concierge Key (CK) will have the ability to use special "stickers" earned every 10,000 miles to upgrade their award tickets.

The airline will also offer elite benefits with its co-branded credit card. Starting next year, AAdvantage® members with the Aviator Red, Blue or Business MasterCard can get up to $3000 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) by spending $25000 throughout the year.

Additionally, American Airlines has been considerably more frank about the existence of the Concierge Key level. Late next year, the airline plans to start recognizing members during the boarding process and upgrading them 120 hours before their flight - before Executive Platinum members. However, as of now, the final details are still floating around in the air.

Starting January 1, members will need to earn EQDs as well as Qualifying Miles (EQMs) to earn status, which will essentially limit elite perks to their biggest spenders. To compete with Delta and United, American Airlines will also have a mid-level elite tier at 75,000 EQMs and $9,000 EQDs, which will be called Platinum Pro.