You may have been left staring at your screen in frustration if you tried to upgrade your seat using the American Airlines website recently. You weren't the only one having a hard time. There was actually a widespread technical glitch happening within the airline's upgrade system. Most elite passengers are familiar with the process of being able to upgrade their seats during a 10-day window before a flight. This window usually runs right up to 24 hours before takeoff. However, those upgrades suddenly stopped being processed through the American Airlines online portal recently.

Many customers simply assumed that this perk had been erased as part of a policy change. Other customers actually experienced business as usual when they arranged their upgrades. As a result, it took American Airlines quite a while to learn about and identify the issue. Should you be concerned that your upgrade won't be available when you book your next flight with American Airlines? You might want to pay attention to what American Airlines has to share about the situation.

Is The American Airlines Upgrade Bug Fixed Yet?

The good news is that the upgrade bug that was preventing passengers from upgrading their seats with American Airlines has been fixed. Members of the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer program began receiving their upgrades again during the first week of February.

The airline hasn't provided customers with any specific details regarding the source of the bug, though. And there also hasn't been any word on whether or not AAdvantage members who missed out on upgrades because of the bug will be given any sort of compensation for future flights.

AAdvantage members should know that no big changes to the American Airlines upgrade policy have been announced for the foreseeable future. This means that any future disappearance of upgrade options when booking flights could be the result of a similar technical bug.

Customers should reach out to the American Airlines customer service department if they are unable to select the upgrades they are entitled to receive when booking flights.

What Are The Current American Airlines AAdvantage Upgrade Policies?

It never hurts to become familiar with the upgrade policies of American Airlines if you're an AAdvantage member. Members can use AAdvantage miles to upgrade seats on flights marketed and operated by American Airlines and American Eagle.

The upgrades apply to AAdvantage members or any passenger designated by a member. Upgrades are valid for movement to the next cabin of service. They are also valid for a single one-way trip with a maximum of three segments.

Of course, upgrades are always subject to capacity controls. Here is a rundown of the fare types that can be upgraded based on what's provided directly from the American Airlines website:

  • Discount Economy with published fares booked in H,K,M,L,W,V,G,Q,N,O and S
  • Military or government fares booked in Y
  • Full-Fare Economy with published fares booked in Y
  • Discount Business with published fares booked in I
  • Full-Fare Business with published fares booked in J, D or R