Loyal Hilton customers can look forward to big savings on summertime luxury when they book stays from now through the end of August. Hilton is offering an easy way to get double or triple the amount of points when you book stays at gorgeous properties around the globe. This deal will be music to your ears if you're already a member of the Hilton Honors program.

If you aren't, this promotion is likely to give you an incentive to finally sign up if you're looking at a very busy summer travel schedule that will involve stays at Hilton properties. Find out how to make the most of the deal between now and when the August 31 expiration date rolls around.

The Deal

The big summertime points promotion from Hilton is great if you like simple, straightforward deals that don't require you to jump through hoops or mix and match offers. All Hilton Honors members qualify to earn double the amount of points when they stay at any Hilton hotel.

Diamond-level elite members get to earn triple the amount of points for the same stays. Keep in mind that you do need to register in order to earn bonus points and have them show up in your account. Any stays you book and complete without registering won't count toward helping you earn extra points.

All you have to remember is register for the promotion, book and complete your stay before August 31, 2017. Easy peasy.

Points Without Limits

One really exciting aspect of the summertime points deal from Hilton is that there is no limit to the number of points that can be earned during the promotion. This is good news if you have a busy summer of travel ahead of you. Every stay you book while the weather is warm and the sun is shining can help you earn extra points that can be used on future stays.


Hilton's summertime points promotion offers a lot more flexibility than travelers are used to. Most hotel loyalty programs typically offer deals that only work at a small selection of properties during a very limited window of time. This isn't the case with Hilton's summertime promotion for 2017: All hotels in the Hilton portfolio are participating in this promotion. That should erase the hassle that often goes along with making sure stays can qualify.

The other great thing about this promotion is that it is going on for four full months. This means you can easily make your summer travel plans work to your advantage when it comes to earning points without having to stress about the calendar.

Combining Deals

Good things come to those who combine deals. Hilton is letting its loyal customers experience something pleasant by potentially combining this offer with the other fuss-free promotion of the year.

Hilton is offering a 500-point bonus for all bookings made through the Honors mobile app until the end of 2017. This deal definitely makes downloading the app onto your mobile device worth the effort.

In addition, Hilton Honors members can now officially pool their points with up to 10 other members without paying any fees.