American Airlines may soon come up short when it comes to offering some passengers the legroom they need. The airline has announced that it will be decreasing legroom in some Economy seats. How extreme will the change be? The airline plans to decrease seat pitch from 31 inches to 29 inches in some planes. The changes will help the airline to add more seats to flights and boost revenue.

Getting used to smaller seats on some American Airlines flights may not be as difficult as passengers think. The size decrease will actually place American Airlines seats at the same level as seats from budget carriers like Spirit and Frontier. Legacy carriers like Delta and United Airlines currently offer seats with a pitch between 30 inches and 31 inches.

Where you sit on future American Airlines flights could determine how squeezed you feel. Only about 18 seats per plane will experience the decrease of two inches. However, the rest of the Economy cabin will shrink by about an inch in every seat. It might be worth inquiring about seat sizes in particular rows in the future if having a little bit of extra room when you fly is important to you.

American Airlines isn't just decreasing legroom on flights. The airline will also be making the lavatories in economy class slightly smaller. The silver lining to all of this is that adding more passengers to every flight could allow American Airlines to offer cheaper fares. Time will tell if American Airlines will soon be able to offer the same budget rates as low-cost carriers.