Google Flights, which already offered a long-term calendar of expected prices for future flights, has improved its service considerably for people who want the best deals on airfares and hotels. Now, when searching for future flights, Google Flights will help users avoid imminent price increases that turn a bargain into a bad deal. This can lead to considerable savings as ticket prices often fluctuate drastically, especially on popular routes. Everybody loves cheap flights and cheap hotels, don't we?

By using Google Flights, flyers can be confident that they are indeed getting the best deal possible, without any waste of time. Product manager Nabil Naghdy detailed in a recent blog post how the new system works. After picking a flight, Google Flights might show you when the fare is going to expire, along with how much the fare will increase in the near future. One perfect example shown in the blog post is a round-trip fare between New York and San Diego that will increase $87 in eight hours.

Users who aren't ready to book their tickets yet can choose to track a flight or route and receive email notifications when prices are expected to change, in either direction. This, along with fare expiration notices, will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

Users of Google Flights will also receive updates when fares increase or decrease significantly for flights that the user is tracking. Travelers who are looking at specific dates but haven't selected flights will be able to see plenty of tips, including what local airports are the cheapest to travel from and when the route will have its next price increase.

Google Flights is also going to be easier on a smartphone as Google is making it much easier for people to find flights while on the go. Smartphone owners will be able to manage everything on their phones, including the ability to manage flights and make necessary changes. And, for anyone who wants to get away but doesn't have a destination in mind, he or she can simply tap on the Explore tab to find destinations based on the type of trip desired.

While the tool is synonymous with finding good deals on flights, Google is also making it easier for people to find more deals when searching for accommodations. When searching for hotels, the tool labels deals when a hotel's price is lower when compared to long-term, historical data.

The hotel tracking is also getting another big upgrade. Users will be able to filter the best hotel deals where they will be traveling to. Finally, anyone who uses hotel loyalty programs will be happy as Google will also notify users when savings are available to loyalty members, which can lead to big savings.