What's in a name? The folks at Hilton seem confident about the idea that changing around a few letters in a name is enough to usher in a new age for the hotel chain's esteemed Honors loyalty program. The program is now known simply as Hilton Honors. Some new changes regarding how the program operates are also accompanying the name change.

What does this mean for the 60 million loyal customers who are now officially members of the Hilton Honors program? They may be about to find out that better value is what's in a name.

A Look At The New Hilton Honors Program

People who stay in hotels frequently know that nobody does rewards quite like Hilton. The hotel chain is focusing on making it easier for members to manage and utilize their points in 2017. Hilton Honors members are now able to combine points and money when booking rooms at Hilton properties. This extra flexibility is sure to be appreciated by members looking for ways to do more with fewer points.

In addition, a new slider tool has been introduced on the Hilton Honors website. This tool can be used to help members decide how to combine points and money to get the best outcomes. The slider is a big deal because it's the first of its kind to be used in the hotel industry.

There's also some good news in the mix for people who travel with groups. Hilton has announced that it is introducing an option for members to pool points with up to 10 other people. There will be no extra fees to pay when using the perk of pooling points.

You can also look forward to new and exciting possibilities for using your points for things other than travel if you're a Hilton Honors member. Points can now be redeemed for purchases on Amazon.com. Using points to make purchases is as easy as using any other payment method when shopping online. Of course, whether or not the exchange rate for points will work to your advantage when making purchases is something that you'll need to investigate before hitting the checkout button.

The final big announcement that comes as part of the Hilton Honors update is a special consideration for Diamond members. Those who have attained this elite status in the past were required to maintain a certain level of travel after qualifying. Hilton will now pause the status of your Diamond benefit if a big life event prevents you from making trips. Members are eligible to initiate a one-time reserve by phone or email for various personal or professional reasons.

Some Things Will Remain The Same

Not everything is changing when it comes to the new Hilton Honors program. Enrolling in the loyalty program is still completely free of cost. Signing up is as easy as creating a portfolio on Hilton's website.

Becoming a member is certainly looking more attractive than ever for people who travel. The fact that the program is now focusing on helping members do more with fewer points means that even people who only get away a few times a year actually have good reasons to sign up.