A new year usually means a new batch of perks for members of airline frequent flyer programs. 2017 is promising to be a very advantageous year for members of United MileagePlus frequent flyer program. United's loyalty program is already considered by many in the airline industry to be the best option for frequent travelers because of its generous perks and simplified award requirements. The airline recently decided to reformulate the way some of its perks are earned. These changes may come as good news to travelers planning big trips in 2017.

What's New For The MileagePlus Program In 2017?

United is making some slight changes to the way award tickets are priced. All award tickets will now be priced on a one-way basis. However, members can actually bundle two or more awards to form round-trip or multi-stop itineraries to meet their travel needs. It's important to know about the new changes before booking your next flight with United to avoid any confusion.

There is also another big perk that was just recently unveiled. The new Excursionist Perk could help you to earn free flights if your booking meets certain conditions. Members who book itineraries that include three or more one-way awards will now be eligible to get one of those award tickets for free. It may make sense to hop over to the MileagePlus program if you have a big trip planned sometime in 2017.

What's Leaving The MileagePlus Program In 2017?

United isn't just adding new perks to its well-loved MileagePlus program in 2017. The airline has also decided to discontinue two of its existing perks. Both the Round-the-World award and the existing stopover policy have been removed going forward.

The reason behind the changes is that many customers found these policies to be confusing. The Round-the-World perk was quite unpopular because it required customers to follow restrictive routing rules when putting trips together. It is believed that the new perks introduced in 2017 will allow travelers to enjoy similar benefits without as much confusion and red tape.

Will 2017 Be The Best Year For United Customers?

Most customers already had positive things to say about their experiences with United's MileagePlus program as it stood at the end of 2016. It is anticipated that the new changes introduced in 2017 will enhance customer experiences and present new opportunities for earning free flights around the world.

This makes the United Airlines MileagePlus program an attractive option for anyone looking to finally take the plunge and join a loyalty program for the first time. In addition, many members of competing loyalty programs may be enticed to make the switch over to United.

One way to make sure that all of your flights go the extra mile when it comes to earning better rewards is to sign up for the popular United Chase credit card as shown below. This is certainly something that both new and existing members of the MileagePlus program can do to maximize their point-earning potential.