SkyTeam, a major global airline alliance, just introduced an online-based, retroactive tool which makes it much easier for frequent flyers to ensure that their balances are kept up-to-date, and that they don't miss out on mileage credits post-flight. This tool is already available with most of the SkyTeam's 20 member airlines, and with just a few clicks, travelers can request to claim their miles for eligible flights. Anyone who flies often and doesn't always have the time or energy to remember which flights and airlines are eligible will love this tool from SkyTeam.

While SkyTeam makes it easy for users to redeem and request mileage credit, the new tool goes above and beyond to make it easier for travelers looking to avoid having to backtrack and go through old flight information and records to retrieve their rightful, valuable miles. The new tool eliminates the necessity of manually processing post-flight claims, and SkyTeam's frequent flyers no longer have to watch their time to request for mileage credit before it expires.

In the past, when a traveler didn't enter his frequent flyer number when buying his ticket, he would have to go through a cumbersome process to redeem miles post-travel. But now that the process has been refined with the new and much-improved system, eligible flights are credited to accounts automatically, and users making retroactive requests can do so a week after the date of the flight. For the record, this is the shortest time frame within the airline industry.

With over 200 million frequent flyers in the SkyTeam program, this is a big move in the airline industry. And in a bid to play catch-up, other reward programs are likely to follow suit in the coming months and years.

According to SkyTeam's Director for Customer Loyalty, Michael Schutzbank, flights that aren't credited can make a huge difference when it comes to a traveler's status level or ability to redeem an award ticket. But with this innovative solution, flyers will be able to benefit from every mile they've flown – across SkyTeam's 20 member airlines. All in all, with the new retroactive tool, SkyTeam account holders will find it much easier to bag their miles.

Anyone who is already a SkyTeam member shouldn't be surprised at the new and improved online-based tool. SkyTeam sees providing aligned benefits to its flyers one of its top priorities. The remaining airlines that don't already have this system in place will implement the online-based tool over the next few months.

If you travel frequently on airlines such as Aeroméxico, Air France, China Airlines, Korean Air, and of course, Delta, you should definitely become a member of any of SkyTeam's frequent flyer programs so that you can quit missing out on earning and redeeming miles across 20 airlines.

In addition to being able to use miles to get free flights and upgrade tickets, there are benefits for SkyTeam Elite members too, such as priority boarding, seating and check-in. Also, those who fly a lot may be eligible for SkyTeam Elite Plus, which offers preferred seating, lounge access, priority check-in and a whole host of other awesome perks.